Combining two genres in one game is really not a new approach. For instance, an escape game can be incorporated with physics-based and logical puzzles while an Incremental game can be mixed effectively with RPG elements. Beat Arena, a new app game by Agonalea Games delivers the same approach by uniquely combining RPG with Rhythm game elements. Not to be confused with Konami’s virtual reality rhythm game of the same name, Beat Arena by Agonalea takes you on an epic adventure. The game follows the story of an outlander who was destined to become a Rhythm Knight to bring the Flute Valley back to its former glory. If you are ready to immerse yourself in an epic rhythm adventure, feel free to explore Beat Arena and see how far your skills can take you.


Beat Arena


The Gameplay

The mechanics for this game are generally simple and manageable but like any other rhythm game, you are strongly encouraged to exert the best of your eye and hand coordination to maximize your chances of winning. Beat Arena comes with two equally engaging campaigns; the Story Campaign and the Multiplayer Mode. What really makes this game special is the unique combat system. As you engage yourself in battle, the game prompts you to the “beat catcher” that declares your attack and defense. It features turn-based combat with two alternating rhythms; the Weapon and Defense Rhythm.

Just like how most rhythm game works, the game takes you to a fret-like board with three note highways. The weapon and defense rhythm icons will travel down the screen in time with the music and you must tap them as soon as they pass over the catcher to deploy full damage or to perfectly block the enemy’s attack. Generally, your attack and defense will vary depending on your accuracy. If you missed most notes, you might end up inflicting little damage or sustaining great damage from enemies. What makes it even more engaging is that every weapon comes with its own unique rhythm pattern and mastery plays a crucial role in winning each match.

A battle might also lead to multiple encounters. Here, you will be dealing with two or more monsters in a single match. The remaining health points from the previous battle will not be restored and will be consumed for the next battle. The rate of difficulty will also drastically increase as you progress which makes the game more challenging and thrilling at the same time


Beat Arena


A Decent Weapon System

As a rhythm knight, you equip yourself with a trusty weapon and armor to strengthen your attributes and make your character more efficient in battle. Interestingly, you can equip your character with a total of six items at a time. These include the headgear, armor, weapon, pet, shield, and accessory. To boost your attributes, you can upgrade the item or obtain a stronger one. Items can be acquired as rewards from successful battles, Season Pass rewards, Chests, Achievements, and Daily Login bonuses. They will vary in terms of their rarity as well as the rhythm patterns they make in the beat catcher once the item is equipped.

Items can also be upgraded once you have collected duplicate copies or if you have enough gems (premium currency) to consume. The game also comes with a pet system, a creature you can equip to accompany you in every battle. Players can also take advantage of Beat Arena’s Season Pass system that allows you to earn rewards every time you reached certain levels. You can also elevate the experience by purchasing the game’s Premium Pass which allows you to earn premium items.


Beat Arena


Online Battle System

Aside from the main campaign, Beat Arena also comes with a PvP mode. In this campaign, the system will randomly match you with another player. The gameplay for its online campaign follows the same formula but comes with a unique rank system. Every time you win a battle, you earn experience points and once you have earned enough, it will take you to a higher league and gives you an opportunity to win better rewards. Just be mindful that higher leagues also equate with skilled players who have mastered their own rhythm patterns. If you want to win and be on top of the leaderboard, make sure to master your weapon rhythm effectively or better yet upgrade your weapon to its full potential.

Visuals and Reward System

Appearance-wise, Beat Arena is an absolute visual delight that treats you with well-polished Sandbox-like animation which might remind you of games like Minecraft and Roblox. As a rhythm game, Beat Arena is also accompanied by a great collection of well-fitting music that changes dynamically as you progress. To top it all off, the game comes with a compelling plot that is absolutely worth exploring. The game, however, could have added an Endless mode for a longer rhythm challenge.

Advertisements are also cleverly inputted as reward videos. You have the option to access ads to unlock the daily common chest, obtain additional energy, or revive yourself from the last failed battle. The in-game shop, on the other hand, allows you to unlock a Premium pass, rare chests, premium cards, or obtain a bundle of premium currency.

Each battle is unpredictable which provides the game with decent replay value. The season system also gives players another reason to explore this game more. If you love RPG and Rhythm games, Beat Arena is definitely the right app game for you!


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