Following the success of its original PC and Console versions in 2017 and 2018 respectively, Road Redemption is finally ported to mobile devices, allowing us to embrace all its action-packed motorcycle racing adventure. Road Redemption has an interesting piece of history. The game is merely inspired by Electronic Arts’s Road Rash, a racing series that was first launched in the early 90s. In fact, Road Redemption is aptly described as Road Rash’s spiritual successor. While the concept comes with notable similarities, Road Redemption has many unique elements that separate itself from the franchise.

Developed and published by EQ Games and Pixel Dash, Road Redemption takes you to an action-packed and brutally satisfying motorcycle racing game. The mechanics are generally simple and manageable yet it requires skills to maximize the chances of winning. Unlike your typical racing game, Road Redemption has incorporated gore and violence. Imagine a racing game merged with some epic Twisted Metal elements and you’ll get Road Redemption. After four years, mobile gamers will finally experience this hardcore and brutal racing game as Road Redemption is now wonderfully optimized for mobile devices.


Road Redemption


Road Redemption Gameplay

The game follows the story of a masked assassin who managed to kill the leader of the infamous Ironsight Weapons Cartel. After the incident, the cartel has offered a bounty amounting to 15 million dollars to whoever captures the mysterious assassin, dead or alive. Now, every biker in the country races to catch him for the astounding prize. Since Road Redemption is now optimized for mobile devices, the game now offers multiple control options. Steering, for instance, can be done via a virtual joystick, tilting method, or tap-based buttons.

As soon as the game starts, it prompts you to the road where you race against other bikers (computer-generated opponents for the main campaign). The objectives will vary per level but most of them will require players to outrank the opponent by finishing the race first. You will also be required to kill or capture a certain number of targets. It is interesting to note that players will be provided with various melee or ranged weapons in this game. You can use these weapons to hit the opponent as soon as you get close to them. Knowing that you perform all these stunts while running, the game requires precision and perfect timing, otherwise, you might find yourself crashing into obstacles. Just prevent your character from sustaining too much damage or you might have to start the same level back from the very beginning.


Road Redemption


Upgrades and Consumables

To make your rider more efficient and effective in Road Redemption, you can always take advantage of the upgrades and consumables that will boost your attributes temporarily. The consumables can be purchased from the in-game store using the virtual currency that you can earn from each successful race. You can also get permanent upgrades using the XP points that you gain from the game. For additional weapons, you can obtain them in multiple ways. The easiest way is to obtain them from the enemies that you killed during the race. Once acquired, you are free to switch from one weapon to another. New vehicles, on the other hand, can be unlocked upon reaching certain levels or by unlocking a certain skill. These vehicles will vary in terms of their attributes such as acceleration, max speed, nitro boost, and steering.


Mastery is the Key

Road Redemption is more than just a racing game indeed. As soon as you enter the track, you will be dealing with a great number of obstacles. Aside from mastering your maneuver to prevent yourself from hitting structures and obstacles and to keep your bike on the road, you must also learn how to wield your weapons skillfully. Enemies will attempt to destroy you and you must use your weapons to stop them. You can choose to use the tap-based buttons to attack or use the swiping method to combat enemies.

During each race, you will also encounter a special route that allows you to collect additional health or an extra nitro boost. These routes, however, are relatively more challenging than the normal tracks. It is up to you to decide whether you take the risk or not. Overall, Road Redemption is a unique racing game that comes with a decent challenge. The mobile version wonderfully captured the intensity and epic racing experience brought by its console counterparts. It also comes with a leaderboard system via the Google Play Center. This allows you to compete with other

It should be noted that even though the mobile version of Road Redemption is free, it only provides access to the first few levels of the main campaign. For the full experience, you can purchase the full version to access the complete campaign, additional weapons, new maps, new vehicles, and more. It is a one-time purchase that permanently eliminates ads for a more enjoying user experience. If you are up for an epic and action-packed motorcycle racing adventure, feel free to explore Road Redemption and see how far your skills can take you.


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