Never Yield Has Jumped to Mobile

Another day, another exciting mobile post. And the latest is an indie darling called Arial_Knight’s Never Yield, a 3D side-scroller/runner whose gameplay loop and runtime was practically made to be an app game. And it’s just the ticket for anyone who appreciates a decent soundtrack.


Arial_Knight’s Never Yield, which was originally released on PC and console, is a runner with a ‘dope-tastic’ soundtrack set in a futuristic Tokyo-style Detroit. It follows mysterious main character Wally who has recovered evidence of some nefarious goings-on and must now navigate some particularly treacherous city streets whilst being pursued by his enemies.


As players run, jump, slide and somersault their way over myriad hazards they accrue a high score over the course of around an hour and a half. Upon completing the story, players can jump straight back in to improve on their past performance. Or just to listen to the expertly crafted soundtrack from Detroit artist Danime-Sama once again.

Arial_Knight’s Never Yield’s arrival on mobile was something of an inevitability. The ability to complete the title in just under two hours is the perfect time-killer for the gamer on the go. And the cherry on top is that the Never Yield mobile port arrives in an exceptionally polished state with the latest update – “Da Update”.


Never Yield


“It’s been the plan to bring Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield to mobile for some time, so I’m really happy to finally be able to deliver on that,” said creator Neil Jones, also known as Aerial_Knight. “I’m also really excited to bring Da Update to PlayStation players today after recently launching the update on Xbox and PC. With all the additional content and improvements added in Da Update, players can now experience the game at its absolute best”.


Da Update delivers huge improvements based on the feedback of current players. These will include bonus levels, new music, a new endless mode and a brand new leaderboard for the particularly competitive. Plus, the story has been enriched with beefed-up lore and a post-credits scene.


Arial_Knight’s Never Yield is available to download on both iOS and Android for just $2.99, so be sure to check it out on Google Play and the App Store.


Never Yield



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