Apple Arcade Announcement

It’s a big month for Apple Arcade. The March lineup is set to introduce some real heavy-hitters, including one Best Mobile Game award winner. They will be joining the already extensive library of 200+ app games. Not bad at all for a $4.99 subscription.


Apple Arcade is Apple’s answer to the wildly successful Game Pass, allowing app gamers to access a smorgasbord of titles for the cost of a $4.99 monthly subscription. And the selection is nothing to sniff at, with the service providing an entirely ad-free and in-app purchase-free library of app games. For those that have joined the Apple Arcade and had their ads or purchases removed especially, a little ‘+’ is typically added to show this.


Such is the case with the legendary Monument Valley 2, which is set to join the Apple Arcade on Friday 11th March. Monument Valley 2+ will include the recently-added chapter “The Lost Forest”, which was created in collaboration with Green Game Jam in October 2021 to promote the importance of forest conservation. The impossibly beautiful puzzle game took home the Best Mobile Game award at The Game Awards in 2017. Making it a fine addition to the Arcade selection.


Monument Valley 2+ will be joining its predecessor, Monument Valley+ on the platform, as well as Shadow Blade+, which hit the Apple Arcade last Friday. The fast-paced action platformer with intuitive controls features 40+ levels on Apple Arcade, along with ample secrets to uncover.




Then in just over two weeks time comes the universally acclaimed Alto’s Adventure: The Spirit of the Mountain. This Apple Arcade exclusive is a remaster of Alto’s Adventure, featuring a new character with new special abilities, and a set of fifteen new goals. The original Alto’s Adventure, which was released seven years ago, was lauded for its laid-back atmosphere and enchanting aesthetic. Meaning the remastered exclusive should be a sight to behold.


Rounding off the month will be Pocket Build+, an open world sandbox that allows players to build with no limitations. The sky is quite literally the limit, with simple simulator mechanics baked in in the form of citizens who live their virtual lives in whatever locale is afforded to them. The game will land with no ads or in-app purchases on 1st April.


If the thought of playing these top-tier titles along with hundreds of others appeals, we’d recommend checking out the Apple Arcade on iOS.