Pokemon Unite is the Pokemon Company’s first foray into the MOBA genre – and one that has been a long time coming. But as new Pokemon are being added on the regular, it is painfully obvious to most players that not all Pokemon are created equal. So if you’re wondering which is the best, then relax – we’ve ranked every Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. 

It’s worth noting that picking the best Pokemon Unite Pokemon for you is mostly a matter of preference and playstyle. But this complete Pokemon Unite tier list should help to narrow down that choice – whether you’re looking for an easy ride or a challenge worthy of the very best. 


Pokemon Unite tier list


SS Tier

(Supporter) Hoopa – This space-hopping trickster provides the ultimate support in a pinch, allowing teammates to hightail it out of a sticky situation, with Ring Unbound and Hyperspace not only portalling team members away from danger, but bestowing enemies with a painful parting gift for good measure. 

(All-Rounder) LucarioThe Pokémon Company seems to have a favorite child, and it’s no longer Pikachu. Pokémon Unite continues to hold this versatile pugilist in high esteem with top-tier mobility, attack and defense making it the ultimate All-Rounder that can fill just about any role. A real showoff if you ask us – but one that’s in high demand.


Pokemon Unite tier list


S Tier

(All-Rounder) Aegislash – Aegislash embodies the All-Rounder role with its two available ‘formes’ – one focused on attack, the other on defense. For this extra layer of complexity, it can be a little harder for newbies to master. But good things await those who study the blade.

(Supporter) Blissey – This overenthusiastic walking egg is the go-to Supporter for an Attacker-heavy team, boasting an almost insurmountable pool of health that can tank damage while doling out healing like there’s no tomorrow. Potentially the best Pokemon Unite Pokemon for healing abilities.  

(All-Rounder) Dragonite – Don’t let its cutesy face fool you, this chonky All-Rounder is a real tour-de-force in the right hands. Maintaining enough distance for it to reach its full potential also shouldn’t be too difficult with its excellent mobility.

(Defender) Greedent – This absolute unit of a defender is a self-sufficient boon to any team, tanking damage whilst munching on its ample stockpile of berries to keep its own health up. Unsurprisingly, this comes at the cost of mobility. Gorging on berries will do that to a Pokemon.

(Attacker) Greninja – A froggy ninja perfectly suited to endgame pushes, Greninja offsets its low defense with Double Team, misdirecting opponents with its invulnerable copies while dealing out hits before leaping away from danger. 

(All-Rounder) Machamp – Though this musclebound brawler suffers from a weak early game, the damage dealt by its basic attack alone makes Machamp a great pick for beginners. Maintain distance long enough to reach peak performance, then go hell for leather with deadly main attacks like Close Combat.

(Defender) Snorlax – Snorlax boasts a diverse arsenal of abilities that can hinder enemies while relying on its high endurance to tank their frustrated hits. A real boon when taking on Zapdos. It also clinches such a high spot on the Pokemon Unite tier list as it doesn’t need to evolve.

(All-Rounder) Tsareena – These boots were made for Stomping, and that’s just what they’ll do. Tsareena benefits from early evolution, at which point its Stomp can be wielded to incapacitate enemies, while Queenly Majesty allows for a touch of ‘heeling’, to boot. Puns most definitely intended. 


Pokemon Unite tier list


A Tier

(Attacker) Alolan Ninetales – Alolan Ninnetales is ostensibly an Attacker. But its ability to hinder opponents with its icy moveset can also offer a great level of support in a pinch, helping to turn the tide of battle. 

(Defender) Blastoise – A capable crowd-controlling tank with Rapid Spin and Surf providing some decent mobility in the midst of battle. Not to mention its Unite move – despite its sluggish charging speed – looks particularly badass. 

(Attacker) Cinderace – Fast-paced and hefty ranged attacks allow this soccer-loving bunny to pick off enemies in short order. Be sure to keep the distance though, as Cinderace – much like the soccer players it emulates – goes down easily. 

(Attacker) Decidueye – Much like its bunny-based bipedal brethren, Decidueye excels in ranged combat. Only this emo owl is a little less mobile, and no less vulnerable to attack. Its increased versatility, however, keeps the two on par in this Pokemon Unite tier list. 

(Attacker) Duraludon – This steely attacker is based on a building (The Shard, to be precise), which should suggest that it’s better suited for defense. But the closest it gets to its origin is with its Heavy Metal ability, which grants it resistance to being thrown or moved. Then it’s time to unleash its draconic power as a powerful counter. 

(Attacker) Espeon – An all-out Attacker with high damage-dealing capabilities. With the right setup and team support, Espeon can wage ultimate psychic warfare with its destructive Psybeam. Just be sure to stick with a capable Defender or Supporter, as its lithe frame is an easy target. 

(Speedster) Gengar – Gengar, without Hex, is pretty poor. But when armed with its signature move, this impish ghost-type will run circles around the opposing team as it disappears and reappears for some cheeky sneak attacks. Gengar is also one of the best Pokemon Unite Pokemon for looking damn cool – don’t @ me. 

(Attacker) Glaceon – An Ice Crystal mechanic helps to boost Glaceon’s attack as capable players will wield this Eeveelution as aggressively as possible. Though it has slower damage scaling when compared to its counterparts, a Glaceon decked out in Wise Glasses can be a real threat in the arena.

(Attacker) Sylveon – An early bloomer as it evolves at level 4, and one that can deal ever-increasing amounts of damage as the match progresses. Its Draining Kiss provides the ultimate damage-dealing utility as it siphons health from its opponent while dealing damage and delivering the ultimate mixed message.  

(Speedster) Talonflame – A beginner-friendly Pokemon that really runs (or, more accurately, flies) with its Speedster role. Talonflame can fly over obstacles, allowing players to Leeroy Jenkins their way to the nearest hapless opponent with a Brave Bird gambit.

(Defender) Trevenant – We wouldn’t have chalked up a walking tree as being more durable than a walking building, but here we are. Trevenant is a go-to damage sponge to keep the heat from your allies, with its damage-dealing capabilities increasing the lower its health becomes. Keeping health low is a scary prospect, but befitting of a ghost-possessed tree. 

(Attacker) Venusaur – A real contender in the battle of the Kanto starters, Venusaur is a triple threat on the battlefield. Once it reaches its final form, Venusaur can dole out massive damage while tanking hits and regaining HP via Giga Drain. A true champion of the flower power ethos.

(Speedster) Zeraora – This lightning-quick mythical ‘mon is a single-target hitter with an AoE Unite Move that can disorientate opponents in the thick of the fray. But where it excels in mobility, it falters in cooldowns, with long waits between moves that rely on swift maneuvers. 

(Speedster) Absol – This scythe-wielding doom-bringer is a real pain for the enemy when used correctly. Maximize its critical hits with a Night Slash/Psycho Cut combo, and double down with items including Muscle Band, Scope Lens or Razor Claw to unleash some formidable critical damage.


Pokemon Unite tier list


B Tier

(All-Rounder) Azumarill – This bubbly All-Rounder excels in one-on-one combat – but falls down in crowd-control situations. It also doesn’t pull its weight in a fight against Zapdos, but a quick-charging Unite Move is pretty useful in a pinch. It’s not the best team player, but the loners need representation, too. 

(All-Rounder) Charizard – A great pick for a jungle build, Charizard boasts the ability to fly while bringing the heat with its mobility-boosting attacks. It does, however, suffer the same fate as Pikachu by playing second fiddle to the indomitable Lucario. 

(Attacker) Cramorant – This goofy regurgitator relies a little too heavily on its Unite Move, Gatling Gulp Missile, which spits out fellow Pokemon to devastating effect. This does, however, require a certain level of skill from the player, who must perfect their aiming skills to unleash its full potential. 

(Defender) Crustle – Another unsurprising pick for a Defender, given the boulder it carries on its back. But its claws pack a pinch, as Crustle can hold its own in a one-on-one fight whilst incapacitating enemies with Rock Tomb, making them sitting ducks for your Attacker teammates. 

(Attacker) Gardevoir – Gardevoir is one such attacker who, when paired with a teammate who holds the enemy down, can sow devastation with Future Sight. But timing is important, as it takes a while to hit, so if you’re going with Gardevoir, be prepared to practice. 

(Attacker) Delphox – Rain fire from afar for big damage with this vulpine virtuoso. A somewhat squishy damage-dealer that can go toe-to-toe with Zapdos easily, with low cooldowns, including for that all-important Unite Move.

(Attacker) Pikachu – Putting Pikachu in any tier other than SS in a Pokemon Unite tier list feels like sacrilege, but while the electric mouse packs one of the biggest punches in the game, its other stats suffer somewhat. Plus, it loses points for forgetting that Raichu is a thing. What gives, TiMi?

(Defender) Slowbro – Unsurprisingly, Slowbro is pretty slow, bro. Luckily it can influence the opposing team to follow its lead, incapacitating enemies with its psychic abilities before opening the door for Speedsters to clean up. Team-ups are a must, however.

(Supporter) Wigglytuff – Like Slowbro, Wigglytuff is pretty useless if not backed up by some aggressive teammates. There is ample room for this fluffy blob to excel, however, with its team at its back. Stun and put enemies to sleep before the Attackers and Speedsters deliver the coup de grâce.

(Supporter) Eldegoss – A good pick for beginners, Eldegoss provides ample healing support with damage-dealing capabilities to boot. But recent nerfs have made it a rarity in higher-level games. 

C Tier

(Defender) Mamoswine – Mamoswine is pretty sluggish, with a decent crowd-control moveset offset by its slow movement and hard-to-master tactics that rely too heavily on favorable conditions. It looks pretty cool, though.

(All-Rounder) Garchomp – Garchomp may have one of the better pre-evolution forms in Gible, it takes a painfully long time to evolve with players having to grind to level 10 before it reaches its full potential. And while it’s a solid All-Rounder stats-wise, it’s not as powerful as other picks. 

(Supporter) Mr. Mime – Mr. Mime can take a hit and provide decent support in the right hands with its invisible walls. But these very same walls can also prove to be a hindrance to teammates and Mr. Mime still looks pretty dumb. Especially in its Magician outfit. 

It’s worth noting that the best Pokemon Unite Pokemon are those that are used skillfully – but our picks for the Pokemon Unite Tier list should provide a decent starting point for beginner battlers. 

Pokemon Unite can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play.