A new 4X app game endless national  is on the horizon, providing strategists and history buffs something pretty promising to look forward to. And as we await its release, the devs are offering a free Amazon gift card giveaway for those who join its official Discord server. And as the icing on the cake, those who do might also get a chance to help shape the game itself.


Endless National brings the beloved military strategy formula to the mobile screen. In the same vein as genre paragons such as Civilization and Age of Empires, it will allow players to assume the role of influential civilizations with the ability to recruit historical and legendary heroes. At its centre sits the mythical Atlantis, with each empire vying for control of the prosperous nation. As such, the world is in a perpetual state of war.


The title already purports to introduce some notable innovations in the mobile strategy game sphere. For example, no Resources or EXP will be available to purchase. Welcome news to any who have been on the business end of maligned pay-to-win mechanics.


endless national 


Players can choose to lead one of 12 civilizations, with 59 heroes including such figures as Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc, or Hua Mulan offering unique specialities and skills with which to turn the tide of battle. Mulan, for example, will specialize in leading spearmen troops, whilst wielding a skill that turns DEF to Dodging probability, with each dodge dealing Physical DMG to the attacker.


To add an extra layer of realism, the 4X app game will also draw from real-world locations in its formation of terrains and battlefields. Famous landmarks such as the Alps or Lake Baikal will feature and provide significant obstacles for players to overcome and strategize around. Historical cities such as Cairo will also provide lucrative bases for players to occupy and control for ample rewards.



The first Endless National beta test is set to release later this month. In the meantime, prospective players are encouraged to sign up to the official Discord, where they can keep on top of developments, pre-register and throw in their lot for the Amazon voucher.