App Game Conference Returns

This is a top mobile gaming event in 2022 to attend.  After two years of absence, Pocket Gamer Connects is back to bring the app game industry’s top dogs together for some face-to-face interactions. And this year, the app game conference is heading to the sunny West Coast in Seattle. In case you needed any more of an excuse to attend. Mobile conferences are flourishing again. 


Pocket Gamer Connects is an app game conference that welcomes around 1,000 professionals from 500+ leading companies in the industry. This year marks a triumphant end to the more than two years of digital conferencing that has been taking place thanks to a certain worldwide event. 


That’s not to say, however, that the power of Zoom is being wholly overlooked. Whilst attendees will still have the opportunity to meet in person, those who cannot make it to Seattle will be able to connect virtually through Zoom. This will grant full access to seminars, talks and panel discussions from over 150 industry experts. 


The app games conference will be taking place from May 9-10 and provides ample opportunity for those in the app games biz to expand their network and get a leg-up on their projects. The companies in attendance this year will include Netflix, Wizards of the Coast, Super Evil Megacorp, Xbox Games Studios, Hyper Hippo, Bungie, Riot Games, Wargaming and more. 


App Game Conference


Speakers, meanwhile, will cover everything from monetization, growth strategies and global trends. These will comprise Playrix’s Marianna Vallejo, Riot Games’ Josh Menke, Pearl Abyss America’s Jeonghee “JJ” Jin, Netflix Games’ Leanne Loombe, Xbox Games Studios’ Crystin Cox, Bungie’s Jon Chu, Activision Blizzard King’s Kathy Shin among over 150 others. 


Of course, it wouldn’t be a high-flying business conference without the mention of one hot topic in particular: NFTs. Consequently, the Blockchain Games NEXT Summit is a dedicated two-day summit laser-focussed on the next wave of web3 games technology. 


Steel Media COO, Dave Bradley, had this to say: “It’s going to be wonderful to be back meeting people, networking, doing business, and making new connections. That’s why it’s called Connects! Seattle is a buzzing scene – the home of so much innovation and creativity, so we can’t wait to return in person, after a couple of years of only seeing friends and colleagues on Zoom.”


He continues: “Across three stages at the Grand Hyatt, our international experts will be sharing insights on everything from the basics of finding the right monetization method for your game to succeeding in the metaverse. Talks are short and sharp so there’s always something new to discover. It’s going to be a really intense, productive couple of days downtown.”

For a full rundown of the app game conference proceedings, check out the official website


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