Big Updates to Clash Mini


A new Clash Mini update is en route, bringing a slew of balance adjustments, hero changes and a new ‘trophy road’ rewards system. Meaning some of the more underused minis in the cutesy cast of characters should hopefully get some love. 


Clash Mini is a Clash of Clans spinoff joining the ranks of Supercell’s latest forays into alternative app game genres including Clash Heroes and Clash Quest. This title hones in on strategy, bringing the recognisable roster of Clash heroes to a board-game setting. And they’re incredibly cute now. 


These heroes – AKA ‘minis’ – comprise such characters as Barbarian King, Shield Maiden and Archer Queen, and each bring a unique set of skills to the table. Players are tasked with strategizing by arranging their armies into advantageous positions as they attempt to read the moves of their opponent. 



clash mini update


A key component to each player’s strategy is effectively wielding the powers of their minis. And now, in a recently released developer update video, Supercell unveiled some significant changes to five of the most neglected characters. These changes include the following:


  • Electro Wizard will now bestow 2 bonus energy on nearby allies in the same row when his second upgrade is equipped.
  • Barbarians will boost attack of all nearby allies by one with his third upgrade.
  • Spear Goblins will receive a 100% hit speed boost at upgrade level three. 
  • Mini PEKKA will deal double damage to any enemies with a shield or a block. 
  • Valkyrie will reduce healing by 75% for two seconds on all enemy minis with her third upgrade. 


The Clash Mini update will also increase the accessibility of hero abilities to level the playing field for newer and veteran players. First and second abilities will now unlock at level 4 and 8, while certain ability unlock orders will be switched for some heroes. 


Meanwhile, the new Trophy Road will be introduced, which dishes out rewards aplenty for progressing through the game. These rewards will include new minis, crystal points, gold and gems. 


The Clash Mini update will also introduce a bunch of balance changes. But to gem up on all the details, give the update video a watch.