Rigid Force Redux Mobile – what you need to know!


High-octane sci-fi shooter from Headup Games and com8com1, Rigid Force Redux, is set to make the hyperjump from PC and console to mobile platforms this August. Further adding to the diversity of Headup Games’ app game catalog, which also includes the meticulous bridge-building app game, Bridge Constructor. Variety is the spice of life, as they say. 

The Rigid Force Redux mobile port is set to keep all the gameplay elements of the original. Players will engage in a fast-paced side-scrolling adventure complete with mesmerizing cosmic backdrops and hand-crafted 3D models. All to the high-energy sounds of a synthwave soundtrack to hammer home that sci-fi feel.

Rigid Force Redux sees players plumb the cosmos surrounding the planet Therra as part of the military space organization fleet called United Planet Freedom Forces (UPFF). Tasked with taking on combat missions to protect allied planets, players will find themselves up against a tenacious force of alien enemies armed with heavy gunships, laser-wielding mechs, and giant extraterrestrial creatures. 

But brave spacefarers needn’t face the challenge alone, as an onboard AI called PSYE will aid in their missions, acting as an advisor in the midst of adventure. Fighters can also be upgraded as players progress, from their weapon systems to supplemental Force Shards in order to deal maximum damage. 

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Different game modes also offer up some extra spice, as players can engage in Arcade and Boss Rush modes in order to climb their way up the global leaderboards and earn up to 40 achievements for their efforts.

“After the phenomenal response from the media and players about the initial release of Rigid Force Redux, we are very excited to announce that we are bringing the title to Android,” said Marcel Rebenstorf, founder of com8com1 Software. “We are certain you are going to have fun with countless hours of shooting action!”


 Rigid Force Redux Mobile


The Rigid Force Redux mobile migration is great news for Android users, who will be able to get stuck into the sci-fi shoot’em up from August 11, 2022. The jury’s out on whether Apple fans will be able to enjoy the same privilege in the future, however.