New Sonic App Game is Coming


A job listing from SEGA’s HARDlight studio has got the Sonic fandom in a spin. Because, despite not spilling the beans on the listing itself, all signs point towards the new listing being a role to help create a new Sonic app game. 

It’s hard to keep projects under wraps when the droves of internet sleuths go hunting for clues. And it doesn’t take a regular Sherlock to figure out the nature of HARDlight’s latest job listing on

The ad calls for a Lead Artist “who can drive both the art and the art team on a new, exciting, and ambitious narrative driven platform game.” Given that HARDlight’s mobile repertoire consists mostly of Sonic games, it’s probably safe to assume that this ‘platform game’ is going to be a new Sonic app game.

The listing goes on to say “You will understand the limitations of a mobile game but still push the quality towards console levels. Being part of SEGA, you enjoy and have experience in creating stylized art, exciting worlds and colorful characters.” Stylized art and colorful characters are pretty accurate descriptions of the Sonic-verse. And while some may consider it a stretch to immediately jump to Sonic for these reasons alone, this isn’t the only piece of evidence to suggest that the listing is for a Sonic game specifically. 


 new sonic app game


While anything that is posted on 4chan should be taken with a truckload of salt, one leak in particular, has already gained credibility for correctly predicting the release date of Sonic Origins back in April. The same leak also prophesized that HARDlight’s latest Sonic venture would be ‘Genshin Impact but Sonic’. 

This matches up with the job listing’s ‘ambitious narrative driven platform game’ description. And with Genshin clones rolling out faster than Sonic himself, it stands to reason that big dogs like SEGA would want a piece of that lucrative action. 

If true, a new Sonic game in the style of Genshin Impact would certainly turn a few heads. Sonic titles have been pretty hit-and-miss in recent years, especially when SEGA tries new formulas to shake things up. But with the tried-and-tested formula of Genshin Impact being so successful, it’s hard to see this attempt failing with Sonic’s loyal fanbase.