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Saint Seiya is a very popular manga and anime series in the 80s. The anime adaptation alone expanded to six spin-off series and a great number of full-length animated movies. Although the original series kicked off in the late 80s, the succeeding spin-offs started airing in the late 2000s with the most recent one being aired last 2020. Aside from the animated series, Saint Seiya was also successfully adapted into a great number of video games that are available on different gaming platforms. The majority of these game adaptations were mostly developed and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Some of which include the popular Jump video game series (a crossover fighting game by Bandai) and the most recent Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy (a gacha RPG) and Saint Seiya: Awakening.

It is safe to say that despite being a classic anime from the 80s, Saint Seiya managed to capture the hearts of new generations. All of its major anime and game adaptations were merely based on the classic 1986 plot. It follows the story of Seiya who is an orphan who managed to obtain a special bronze cloth that granted him power and turned him into a Saint. He went on a journey to find his missing sister only to find out that he must enter an epic tournament and fight against other Saints to save her.

Interestingly, Japan-based developer Wanda Cinemas Games recently launched a new Saint Seiya app game that you can confidently include in your collection. Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is a role-playing game but unlike the previous Saint Seiya titles, this game is the first-ever Idle RPG. It combines elements of an incremental game, a role-playing adventure, and a pinch of gacha mechanics.

The Story

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice remains faithful to the classic tale that most kids from the 80s are familiar with. Take note that this game is not a Saint Seiya clone app but an officially authorized mobile game. Wanda Cinemas Games was authorized to revive the original manga. It features the classic plot and reproduced them with high-quality pictures and animations. To top it all off, the development of this game was supervised by no other than the original creator of the manga, Kurumada Masami. In this game, you will accompany Seiya, Ikku, Shiryu, Hyoga, and Shun as they enter the sanctuary. Here, you will be asked to challenge the 12 Gold Knights and save Goddess Athena. This game allows you to revisit the epic tale and provides you with a nostalgic gaming experience.


Saint Seiya


The Gameplay

The mechanics for Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice are generally simple and easily manageable. You have the option to explore either the Idle element or the main RPG campaign. As soon as the game begins, you will be asked to accompany Seiya and other Saints as they head towards the Sanctuary. This quickly launches an Auto-runner where your team engages in an endless fight. The only way to progress in the game is to hit the “Combat” button which quickly activates the Challenge mode. The challenge is cleared every time your squad defeats all enemies.

The game features a simple combat system. Once engaged in a fight, all characters will automatically launch their basic attacks. As soon as they earned enough experience points, you can tap their burning cards to launch their special skills. You can either do these special attacks manually or better yet activate the Auto mode and just watch as the epic battle clears out. Winning and completing each challenge allows you to earn various rewards. These rewards can be in the form of virtual currency, shards, points, gems, relics, and more which you can later use to upgrade your characters and increase their respective attributes.


Saint Seiya


An Idle RPG

After each successful Challenge, the game will quickly switch to its Idle mode. Here, the game switches back to an Auto-runner mode. The squad will run automatically on the screen and will be engaged in a series of battles. Since this is an incremental mode, the game will progress even without the player’s interaction. Instead of having time-consuming grinding to collect resources, you can just enter the Idle mode and earn rewards automatically. It is also interesting to note that the game also works well even if the actual app is closed. All the rewards you collected will be accumulated by the system and can be obtained as soon as you reopen the app.


Saint Seiya


Gacha and Upgrades

Another notable element of Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is the gacha mechanics. There are more than 80 Knights to be unlocked in this game. The heroes will vary in terms of their rarity, tier position, skills, and attributes. In order to summon a knight, you have to visit the Observatory. There are different kinds of Summoning that require different kinds of materials. The most common material is the Summon Stone which allows you to summon basic fighters. Diamonds (a rare/ premium currency) can also be used to summon Knights on the Astrology Station while Element Stone allows you to summon high-tiered knights. You can also summon special knights through so-called Friendship points that can be obtained by sending gifts among friends.

Each knight also features a unique set of attributes and skills. By collecting enough materials and experience, you can upgrade each Knight to dramatically increase their respective attributes and make them more efficient in the battle. You can also equip them with accessories to boost their stats. Keep in mind that knights will also vary in terms of their elements. Since you can only deploy a maximum of five Knights per battle, make sure that you summon the right knight to increase your chances of winning the battle. Certain skills can also be unlocked upon reaching specific levels.

Additional Campaigns and Visuals

As you progress, the game unlocks additional campaigns to explore. You can train knights to get more stars in the Hall of Knights or let them improve their abilities by entering the Land of Trials. The game’s multiplayer elements can be experienced by joining or creating a guild. This will not just allow you to strengthen your social relationship with your fellow knights but it also gives you access to Guild Shops, Trial Campaigns, and be part of the epic Holy War (guild war). Players can also make certain modifications to their characters by unlocking the Star Hill, Resonance, and Constellation. In addition to these, you can also take advantage of the Daily Adventure tasks to earn more rewards and collect more resources.

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice is an absolute visual delight. It treats players with beautiful visuals, impressive character designs, and amazing 3D animation. Whether or not you are a fan of the iconic series, you will definitely find the plot and characters truly fascinating. The immensely beautiful visuals are also accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and remarkable voiceovers dubbed by dozens of Japanese top voice actors.

If you are up for an awesome Idle RPG adventure, feel free to explore Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice and see what else this app game has to offer.


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