One Piece is a manga that was first published in 1997 by Eiichiro Oda. It was a massive success that it became one of the best-selling mangas of all time. The anime adaptation has become equally successful and is one of the longest-running animes today. Just recently, the anime was adapted into a live-action series which quickly became a huge hit, making it one of the most commercially successful live-action adaptations from an anime series.

The recent adaptation also expanded the audience of One Piece, allowing the series to earn new waves of fans worldwide. This anime has been adapted in different forms of media and seeing a collection of app games inspired from the series is not surprising at all. While not all app games you can find from the PlayStore are officially affiliated with One Piece, there is a great number of decent games that will take you to the similar universe. Listed below are five of the best mobile games that are inspired by the popular One Piece anime.


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One Piece Bounty Rush

Bandai Namco Entertainment is a multi-million game company that is behind some of the iconic video game titles and franchises such as Tekken, Ace Combat, Dark Souls, and Dark Eater to name a few. They are also behind some high-grade One Piece video games. Bandai also brought their IPs on mobile platforms and most of which are based on popular anime series. One Piece Bounty Rush was released by Bandai for mobile devices in 2018. It is done in collaboration with Eiichiro Oda himself, making it an official and legally distributed One Piece mobile game.

Gameplay-wise, One Piece Bounty Rush is described as a 4 vs 4 Multiplayer Treasure Looting Action game. Here, players must capture and control a minimum of five treasure fields scattered across the maps. It relies on a gacha system allowing players to unlock multiple characters based on the animated series. In fact, you can play Monkey D Luffy in all of his iconic forms in the anime. To top it all off, the game also takes you to the same huge universe of One Piece. These include stages like Baratie, Sky Island, Marineford, and many more. The game also allows you to create your own Pirate crew and pick characters according to your preferences. In addition to that, the game delivers visually appealing 3D graphics that make it even more engaging and worth playing.


Download: One Piece Bounty Rush: Android / iOS



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One Piece Treasure Cruise

Another game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, One Piece Treasure Cruise is yet another successful One Piece game adaptation. Unlike Bounty Rush though, One Piece Treasure Cruise is played in an entirely different fashion. Treasure Cruise features traditional RPG elements with a nostalgic turn-based combat system. Here, the players can organize up to eight crews. The game is faithfully based on both manga and anime series and will take you to the same universe from Luffy’s childhood to the most recent Whole Cake Island saga.

Each known island is composed of multiple levels to explore where the crew must surpass all challenges and defeat hordes of enemies including bosses. To gain members, the game utilizes a gacha system, giving players access to more than 2000 characters from the beloved anime. These even include the Seven Warlords and the infamous Blackbeard Pirates. Mix and match your crew until you manage to build the strongest squad that will surely help you become the king of the Pirates. Appearance-wise, the game features pseudo-3D animation with Chibi versions of your favorite One Piece characters. This game truly captures the ever-growing One Piece Universe.


Download One Piece Treasure Cruise: Android / iOS


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Ultimate Pirate Ship

Currently in its Early Access Stage, Ultimate Pirate Ship or sometimes referred to as “One Piece AFK” is also something you can confidently add to your One Piece mobile game collection. It may not have a wider scope in terms of the story compared to the aforementioned One Piece app games, but this one certainly has special features that quickly take you to the famous One Piece Universe. The game merges fighting games and incremental or idle game elements.

As soon as the game starts, the player will be prompted to the so-called Idle Screen. This shows Luffy and his crew fighting against an endless number of enemies in an AFK fashion. Therefore, the characters will move and act automatically. The longer the battle takes, the more treasure you can collect. This also works offline, so whenever you close the app, the earnings will still progress.

If you want to go on a battle, just tap the battle button to access the main story mode. Here, you will fight against one wave of enemies after another. While there are no stories involved, the game is still based on the anime’s story arcs. For instance, the enemies you will be dealing with on the first set of battles are the characters from the early story arcs of One Piece. As you progress, you will earn a Summon that allows you to recruit new members via a gacha system. You can bring up to 5 characters per battle. Each character can also be upgraded to unleash their full potential. Appearance-wise, while it is not clear whether the game is officially affiliated with the franchise, the game managed to capture all your favorite One Piece characters in the most faithful way possible. Not to mention the famous Bink’s Sake song playing in the background that transports you right away to the One Piece universe.


Download Ultimate Pirate Ship: Android



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Blox Fruits (Roblox)

What will happen if the famous One Piece world is transported to the Roblox universe? The result is Blox Fruits. With more than 160 million monthly active users, Roblox is undeniably one of the most successful online game platforms today. It also allows users to program games and make them accessible worldwide. Currently, the platform has produced many popular titles such as Adopt Me, Doors, and Rainbow Friends to name a few. Blox Fruits, on the other hand, is another successful and well-loved game in Roblox. It was created by Gamer Robot and is merely inspired by the One-Piece manga and anime.

Here, the players choose to be a master swordsman, a powerful fruit user, a martial arts attacker, or a gun user as they sail across the seas alone or in a team in search of various worlds and secrets with the goal of becoming “the strongest player to ever live”. One of the highlights of this game is the collection of Blox fruits that will provide players with special abilities. These are inspired by the anime’s devil fruits which also provide users a remarkable strength and special skills. The game is also surprisingly huge. You can explore one island after another and all of which are also inspired by the huge One Piece universe.


Download Blox Fruits: Android / iOS



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Stickman Pirates Fight

Developed and published by PhanGia, this game reimagines your favorite One Piece characters as stick figures. Stickman Pirates Fight is a fighting game that takes you to a series of challenging levels with varying ranges of difficulty. By default, you will take control of “Lufly” (inspired by Luffy character) and you must defeat all enemies that you will encounter along the way. Unlike typical fighting games though, each battle is a quick match which means that you must only knock down the opponent once in order to progress.

Every successful battle grants you rewards in the form of virtual money, experience points, stars, and fragments. These fragments allow you to upgrade your character or better yet evolve them to unleash their full potential. Collecting fragments also allows you to unlock new characters. Aside from the Story Mode, Stickman Pirates Fight also comes with a PvP campaign via the Arena (Tournament and 3v3 campaigns). In addition to that, you can also take advantage of the game’s generous reward system. The highlight of the game is the combat system itself. Players can execute attacks using a collection of tap-based buttons. The skills are also based on the characters they are inspired by.


Download Stickman Pirates Fight: Android


One Piece is definitely taking over the media by storm and its success is seemingly inevitable. It is not surprising to see a growing collection of games that are merely inspired by this popular franchise. If you are up for an exciting pirate adventure and if you think you have what it takes to become the King of the Pirates, feel free to explore these One Piece Inspired games and let your epic journey begin. However, if you really want an authentic pirate adventure, you might as well want to explore Abandon Ship by FireBlade.