3 Catchee Tips

Catchee has been out for a week, and it’s already making a splash on the App Store and Google Play. The ‘simple, happy musical catch em up’ has enjoyed some glowing reviews – and it’s not hard to see why. It’s addictive, charming, smooth as butter and, well, very catchy. And after picking the game up (and falling in love with it) ourselves, we have some Catchee tips to share with new players right off the bat.


1. Unlock Each Song in Order

The best part of Catchee is its soundtrack. And the only way to hear each of its ‘catchee’ tracks in their entirety is by successfully catching your chosen items. Only this can get pretty hard pretty quickly. Especially if you’re a techno fan and make a beeline to unlock the ‘Techno Time’ song in the library (bonus tip: don’t do that).


So do yourself a favor and choose the songs in order. You’ll soon find there’s no rush, and each one becomes more difficult – so don’t run before you can walk. And each one slaps, anyway.


2. Increase Sensitivity

If you’re like me and your hands can get a bit clammy from the stress of catching rapidly falling poops in a smiling toilet to a techno beat (we’ve all been there, am I right?) then you’ll want to crank that sensitivity feature up.


You may find yourself overshooting at first, but eventually you’ll be flitting from side to side at lightspeed. The settings can be found in the top left of the home screen.


3. Power Through the Ads (And Turn on Netflix)

By far the best way of earning the coins needed to unlock songs and themes is to sit and watch the ads. And if you’re the kind of person who is genuinely interested in the myriad app games that will bombard you, then…let rip, I guess.


But Catchee makes it super easy to watch ads in quick succession, so here’s our top Catchee tip: set up another distraction (Netflix or YouTube, for example) and keep tapping that ‘Get 500 coins’ icon at the top left of the ‘Themes’ or ‘Songs’ screens. Before you know it, you’ll have racked up enough to unlock all your favorites.


But the best of our Catchee tips is just to enjoy it. Unfortunately, however, we have no tips for getting the songs out of your head for the rest of the day.



Catchee Tips


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