Match 3 puzzles are probably best known for their overall simplicity. These games do not come up with heavy plots or offer highly immersive visuals. Mostly, the mere purpose of the game is to provide simple yet entertaining gameplay that you can quickly access whenever you need to kill some time. Despite the apparent simplicity which is also the game’s main strength, these tile-matching puzzles are surprisingly addictive and before you know it, you already spent time matching pieces more than you originally planned.

While there is a great number of titles that you can find on the Play Store, the mechanics and core objectives of these games are generally the same. Here, the goal is either to get the highest score or reach the farthest level by continuously matching three or more tiles of the same color or shape. The more tiles you match, the better the score you will get.

Some might find these games a little repetitive, but some titles are absolutely and surprisingly addictive and fun. Today, we are listing down 10 surprisingly good match 3 puzzles that you can confidently add to your device.


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Candy Crush Saga

Of course, this list will not be completed without the Candy Crush Saga. While match 3 puzzles have already existed since the arcade era, King managed to bring the hype back through their Candy Crush Saga game which was first released in 2012. The game took the internet by storm and has quickly become one of the highest-grossing and most-played mobile apps in history. Interestingly, the mechanics for this game are simple and are no different from classics like Bejeweled Blitz. The goal is to clear levels by matching 3 or more identical candies from the given board.

Gamers can take advantage of the powerups which can be formed by matching 4 or more tiles of the same kind. For instance, matching 5 or more similar candies will form the Color Bomb that allows you to eliminate all candies on the board with the same color. Ever since the game was released, Candy Crush Saga has continued to grow. Currently, there are more than 15 thousand levels to explore, providing the game with tremendous longevity and amazing replay value. The game recently reached 2.7 billion downloads, a milestone that not every mobile app game can easily achieve.

Download: Candy Crush Saga: Android / iOS


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Family Guy Another Freakin Mobile Game

We cannot deny that Family Guy is a successful animated series, and it is no surprise that the insane family will be adapted into a mobile game. Family Guy Another Freakin Mobile game follows the story of Peter, Lois, Stewie, Brian, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Meg in an insane adventure. The game takes you to a series of tile-matching puzzles with varying ranges of difficulty. It comes with a very straightforward mechanic. You will be prompted into a mobile cocktail shop and your mission is to serve the orders as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

To do so, simply match three or more identical tiles from the board. The more you clear in one swipe, the faster you complete the goal. Like any traditional match-3 puzzles, you can take advantage of the powerups that you can obtain by matching four or more identical tiles. Some of which can destroy an entire row or column, and even clear all tiles of the same type in one move. Speaking of moves, the game only allows players to complete each puzzle within a given number of moves. If you run out of moves and yet the target is still not met, the game will come to a quick end and you have no other option but to start the same level back from the very beginning. One of its unique features is the snapshot that you can collect to complete certain scenes inspired by the real show. In addition to that, the game managed to incorporate its signature humor which makes it even more engaging and fun to play with.

Download Family Guy Another Freakin Mobile Game – Android / iOS


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Overloading cuteness! This is how you can perfectly describe Aggretsuko. Based on a popular animated series of the same name, the game follows the story of Aggretsuko, a red panda working in an accounting department in Japan. Unfortunately, her job is always stressing her out due to heavy workloads and the only way for her to unwind is to visit a karaoke shop and scream her stress out. To make it worse, her boss is assigning her to yet another stressful task – to decorate an entirely new building. While the project is meant to reward an employee like her, it will take time to complete everything as she needs to redecorate all floors.

The goal is to help poor Aggretsuko finish her job. To do so, you must gather enough stars to complete every customization. The stars, on the other hand, can be obtained by completing the match 3 puzzles. Each puzzle requires you to collect certain pieces by matching three or more identical tiles on the board. You can also take advantage of the powerups that you can form by matching four or more tiles in one move. The longer you progress, the more challenging the game will become. If you are looking for a cute puzzle game that is wonderfully incorporated with humor elements, Aggretsuko is surely a great fit.

Download Aggretsuko: Android / iOS


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Cookie Cats

From the same team behind Lily’s Garden, another epic match 3 puzzle, Cookie Cats will surely capture your attention because of its cuteness and unique gameplay. Normally for a match 3 puzzle, you create matches by swiping and switching two adjacent tiles. For Cookie Cats, however, is a little fun and tricky. Here, you connect cookies of the same color and create a chain combo. The longer the chain, the better score you will get. Interestingly, the matches are not just horizontally or vertically aligned, the direction of the chain can go diagonally as well, allowing you to have a unique tile-matching experience.

Another interesting highlight of Cookie Cats is the boss battle. Here, you will be asked to defeat villains in the most strategic way possible. Although the process of matching is different, the concept remains the same. You can also get power-ups by matching four or more tiles of the same color. You can also use the consumables by purchasing them before each level to maximize your chances of winning. If you are not satisfied with your score, you can always revisit previous levels and try to defeat your own score, giving Cookie Cats a decent replay value and longevity. Not to mention the adorable felines that are featured in the game that make it more engaging and fun.

Download Cookie Cats: Android / iOS


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Developed and published by Playrix which is best known for its Gardenscapes game, Homescapes is an equally successful match 3 puzzle game. The company might have a reputation for showcasing fake advertisements when it comes to promoting their games but we cannot deny that Homescapes is fun and addictive. Homescapes takes you to a series of colorful and challenging levels with varying ranges of difficulty. Like Gardenscapes, it follows the journey of Austin the butler. This time, he returns to his hometown and attempts to put their own house back to its former glory. The game notably comes in two phases: the customization and the puzzle.

To restore the rundown house, you must collect stars to complete each task. The stars can be obtained by playing and completing the puzzles. Here, you will be prompted into a dynamically changing board. Simply match three or more tiles of the same color until you have collected all the required items. The longer you progress, the more demanding the tasks will become. They will soon ask for more stars which also forces you to play more puzzles. Also, to address their controversy with regard to fake ads, the game now incorporates mini-games, showcasing the tricky puzzles they previously falsely advertised. Other than that, the game is well-polished, and colorful, and comes with a compelling plot to explore. An excellent time killer too!

Download Homescapes: Android / iOS


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Angry Birds Match 3

Rovio managed to change the landscape of physics-based puzzle gaming through their iconic Angry Birds franchise. The game is best known for its physics-based elements where your mission is to destroy the opposing structures led by the villainous pigs. The success of Angry Birds is truly undeniable. The game has been adapted in many forms of media, including animated series and successful movie adaptations. While the game franchise remains faithful to its classic gameplay, Rovio has developed a collection of different spin-off games that allow you to explore the same colorful world but in a different gameplay.

Angry Birds Match 3 is a very straightforward game. It features a simple tile-matching puzzle that is played in the traditional way. You will be prompted into a board of various shapes and sizes. To clear each level, simply match 3 or more tiles of the same color until all the required items are collected. What really makes the game unique are the powerups. Instead of forming some kind of explosives, matching four or more identical tiles will summon the Angry Birds. Each comes with unique skills, and you just have to use them wisely. There is also a customization area that allows you to buy outfits for adorable hatchlings.

Download Angry Birds Match 3: Android / iOS


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Disco Match

Published by Century Games, Disco Match is another colorful and unique tile-matching game that will surely get your attention. The game follows the journey of a couple of disco lovers and their attempt to restore all the clubs in different areas of the world. They do not just want to bring these rundown clubs back to their former glory, but they also want to bring the disco vibe back. This is certainly a music-filled tile-matching adventure that will put your skills to the test.  The core objective of the game is to restore all clubs. You can do so by collecting enough music notes which you can obtain by completing puzzles.

The mechanics are generally simple. As you explore a level, the game prompts you to a dynamically changing board. Here, you can swipe adjacent tiles and match 3 or more tiles of the same color. Players can take advantage of the powerups that can be formed when matching four or more tiles. For instance, if you matched 5 or more identical tiles, it will result in a Disco Ball. When activated, all tiles of the same color will be cleared off the board in one move. You also must be cautious when making a move. if you run out of moves, the game will also come to a quick end, and you have to start back from the beginning of the same level.  The unique highlight of Disco Match is the dancing element. After all, it will not be a Disco Match without the dancing! Here, it takes you to another match-3 puzzle. You must clear certain types of tiles to execute your dance moves effectively.

Download Disco Match: Android / iOS


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Also created and published by Playrix, Fishdom pays homage to classic games like PopCap’s Feeding Frenzy and the Big Kahuna Reef series by Reflexive Entertainment. Fishdom merges both customization elements and tile-matching puzzles. The goal is to customize the aquarium by filling it with fishes, corals, and other colorful decorations. In order to achieve it, you must collect enough gold coins which you can obtain by clearing levels. Just like Homescapes and Gardenscapes, Fishdom takes you to a colorful tile-matching board. Simply match 3 or more tiles of the same color until you have collected all the required items per level.

The game’s main highlight is the customization itself. There are many items that you can buy from the shop using the money you have collected. There are many varieties of fish to unlock, unique decorations to purchase, and some limited-edition items to collect.  Fishdom also features minigames as a response to Playrix’s fake advertisement. Here, they incorporate the Feeding Frenzy element where you can consume smaller fish until you have reached the end. Fishdom is truly a colorful puzzle that you can play anytime and anywhere even without an Internet connection. It is notably light and absolutely free to play!

Download Fishdom: Android / iOS


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Puzzle Quest 3

It is quite rare to see a Role-playing game that heavily focuses on match 3 puzzles in order to progress. This is exactly what makes Puzzle Quest 3 unique from the rest. With beautifully rendered graphics, wonderfully designed characters, and a visually stunning universe, you will be surprised how this game managed to capture nostalgic RPG elements while delivering a unique gameplay and combat system. 505 Games (the same publisher of Terraria) managed to get the right formula. The success of Puzzle Quest turned it into a successful and well-followed game series.

Puzzle Quest 3 is the third installment that features a vast of wonderful improvements (particularly its graphics). Unlike typical Match 3 puzzles though, the game has unique mechanics. A player is given multiple moves per turn. Here, he can match 3 or more tiles of the same kind in order to obtain skill points. If the player has collected enough, he can activate the skill and inflict damage on the opponent. The game wonderfully embarks players on a beautiful fantasy adventure where they get to explore mystical dungeons and many other magical places. If you love RPGs but want a unique twist, Puzzle Quest 3 is surely worth exploring.

Download Puzzle Quest 3: Android / iOS


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Puzzle and Survival

Horror survival and match 3 puzzles are two genres of gaming that you will never imagine colliding. However, 37Games managed to make it possible. The game merges various elements including its signature match 3 puzzle combat system and a city-building element which allows you and your team to build a shelter that is strong enough to prevent the zombies from breaking through. In addition to that, Puzzle and Survival surprisingly features a well-crafted and highly compelling plot to keep you engaged.

It managed to bring the horror while taking you to a unique combat system. Whenever engaged in combat, the player will be prompted into a turn-based battlefield. Simply match 3 or more tiles of the same kind not just to attack enemies but also to earn skill points designated to certain characters. Each character has a unique skill that you can utilize during the battle. Some can heal the entire squad while others can execute a powerful attack. In between each mission, you will be prompted back to the shelter where you will be asked to perform upgrades. The characters are also notably inspired by other popular characters from various iconic horror survival games like Resident Evil and more. They even had a collaboration with the Saw franchise. Definitely worth playing!

Download Puzzle and Survival: Android / iOS


Match 3 puzzles are undeniably simple but if you are looking for some unique twists and new puzzle experience, feel free to explore all these ten match 3 puzzles that are surprisingly super fun and addictive! Have fun!