Most Anticipated Upcoming 2022 App Games

As app gaming goes from strength to strength, it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of app games to look forward to in 2022. With developers continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with app games, some of the most promising upcoming 2022 app games are looking sleek as ever, whilst catering to vast swathes of fandoms across every facet of media.


With that in mind, here’s ten of our most anticipated app games in 2022.


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10 – DC Heroes & Villains

iOS & Android

Another year, another Match 3 puzzle game. Though when sifting through the copycat trash we can sometimes come across a real gem. Just be sure to not match it with two others because then it’ll disappear and nobody will get to enjoy it.


DC Heroes & Villains is set to adapt the DC IP for the app game-dominating match-3 genre. Aside from cornering the DC fan market with an extremely accessible mobile genre, the Ludia Inc. project also delivers an engaging storyline replete with our favorite DC heroes interacting in fan favorite locales.


DC Heroes & Villains has so far undergone a soft launch, and will release imminently. So in order to get in on some early bird perks, be sure to pre-register.


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9 – Just Cause Mobile

iOS & Android

Why would you take a famously sprawling and action-packed RPG and shrink it to the size of a mobile screen? Just ‘Cause! Well that, and the truck loads of money that will roll in thanks to making the fan-favourite RPG Just Cause portable.


In all honesty though, from what we can see of all of Square Enix’s upcoming 2022 app games, Just Cause Mobile looks like one of (and we mean ‘one of’) the most exciting. It handily condenses the famously bombastic action of its predecessors into a mind-blowing app game, complete with a story campaign, 4 player co-op missions and a whopping 30-person multiplayer mode.


It also looks like a dream, with Unreal Engine 4-powered 3D graphics viewed through an isometric angle. The title was originally slated for a 2021 release. But seeing as this has obviously been delayed, we can be confident we’ll see it later this year. Just Cause Mobile will be free-to-play and offers in-app purchases.


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8 – Tomb Raider Reloaded

iOS & Android

Another Square Enix joint that is set to once again give Lara Croft a makeover. And with the critically-acclaimed Lara Croft Go under their belt, we can expect big things from this next shot at a Tomb Raider app game.


Tomb Raider Reloaded is once again switching up the art style of the Tomb Raider and opting for a more lighthearted, cartoonish rendering of everyone’s favorite gun-slinging archaeologist. It is marketed as an action arcade game, and will be free-to-play with in-app purchases.


Its inevitable release in 2022 also means that Tomb Raider Reloaded coincides nicely with the Tomb Raider 25th anniversary celebrations. And with what looks like a more fantasy-based setting paired with the outlandish art style, fans can expect a fresh take on the beloved IP.


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7 – Disney Mirrorverse

iOS & Android

Who wouldn’t want to watch all of their favorite family-friendly Disney heroes duke it out in full battle-ready armor and accessories? It’s a hole in the sprawling Disney market that needed filling, and thankfully Kabam has swooped in to do the honors. We expect to see more app games from them in the future as well.


Disney Mirrorverse is a hero-collecting RPG where players must assemble a powerful team of guardians comprising beloved Disney characters like Belle, Aladdin and Merida in order to drive back a villainous horde. It’s Disney, but not as we know it.


If you never thought you’d see the day when we’d see Sully sporting bright yellow power armor as he socks it to some interdimensional reptiles – then you’ve not been paying attention to the video games industry.


Story-led quests, loot aplenty and real time combat await as we anticipate the western release of this darker Disney venture.



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6 – Star Wars Hunters

iOS & Android

A MOBA that features a dual-wielding berserker Wookie, a spinny droid Jedi and two Jawas in a trenchcoat as playable heroes. We don’t know what else could possibly be said to hype up any self-respecting Star Wars fan.


Star Wars Hunters is Disney throwing their hat into the MOBA ring alongside The Pokémon Company’s wildly successful Pokémon Unite. It will feature 4v4 arena battles comprising a ragtag group of combatants that embody just about every fan-favorite aesthetic and mode of combat from the core series.


It’s already too hard to choose between the charismatic cast who each serve as a reminder of why Star Wars is a beloved IP that, like emperor Palpatine, will never die. And there’s no doubt that there’s plenty more where they came from, provided it’s 2022 release proves successful for Zynga. This is the way with MOBAs, after all.



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5 – Clash Quest/Clash Mini/Clash Heroes

iOS & Android

App game OG Clash of Clans is branching out with a trio of hard-hitters, establishing what is essentially the Clash-verse. It’s really only a matter of time before they do an ‘Angry Birds’ and hit theaters.


In an attempt to reach a wider audience, Supercell has lined up three distinct app game titles set in the ‘Clash’ universe to cater for a wider taste in genres. Clash Mini is a strategic board game replete with adorable mini Clash characters. Clash Heroes, meanwhile, is going down the RPG route, where players tackle dungeons with a team of heroes. And Clash Quest is a turn-based strategy game that features island-hopping quests and huge bosses.


Each one exudes that fun-loving Clash charm that series fans love. And they are looking pretty polished in their current state suggesting that we may be in for a triple 2022 release from the app game titan.


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4 – Pokémon Sleep

iOS & Android

The arrival of Pokémon Sleep is shrouded in mystery. Why have we not heard anything since its 2019 announcement? How will a game that measures your sleep even work? Why do we care so much? It’s questions like these that keep us up at night – which kind of defeats the object of the title itself. Or maybe they want us to be extra tired for its eventual release.


Radio silence when it comes to this Pokémon app game has led some to believe that the project has been dropped. But a recent Pokémon Go datamine has suggested that the AR powerhouse is gearing up to support Pokémon Sleep in some capacity.


Pokémon Sleep is a title that will incorporate player sleeping patterns into its gameplay. Which sounds ludicrous, but if anyone can turn sleeping into a fun game, it’s the same company that achieved the same thing with walking from A to B. Either way, we remain hopeful that 2022 will see the release of Pokémon Sleep, and with it all the information we’re so starved of.


3 – Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

iOS & Android

Far be it from mobile game titan Square Enix to neglect the series for which they’re most famous. After delivering the universally-lauded Pixel Remaster series of early Final Fantasy remakes, the logical next step is to work with the next title in the sequence. Enter Ever Crisis.


This single-player paragon of the JRPG genre will retell the events of the Final Fantasy VII story in episodic installments. These will include stories from across the entirety of Final Fantasy VII lore including Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus.


Ever Crisis will feature hybrid art styles with nostalgic-yet-polished overworld models combined with the more realistic rendering of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake when in the heat of battle. Though the battle mechanics will return to their roots with the Active Time Battle System.


Ever Crisis will be free-to-play upon its expected launch later this year, and will feature loot boxes containing an assortment of weapons and gear.



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2 – Battlefield Mobile

iOS & Android

Following what can only be described as a disastrous launch of their most recent core-series title Battlefield 2042, DICE are in need of a serious leg-up. And by following in the footsteps of PUBG New State or Call of Duty Mobile, their Battlefield mobile title could provide that boon.


Battlefield Mobile looks like a simple mobile port of Battlefield, including the classic Conquest game mode. Though mobile-specific modes are likely also in development. It will also feature familiar maps, and plenty of customization options.


Battlefield Mobile is set to be free-to-play with in-app purchases upon its release.


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1 – Diablo Immortal

iOS & Android

Though the infamous announcement may have fallen flat with Diablo superfans, app gamers are no doubt awaiting the mobile port of Blizzard’s beloved isometric RPG with bated breath. Thankfully, the wait is nearly over and the release of one of the most anticipated app games in 2022 is all but set in stone.


Diablo Immortal’s story is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, unveiling an untold chapter in which players must stave off a cataclysmic event by locating and destroying shards of the Worldstone.


Whatever ire the game may have drawn upon its announcement years ago, we feel that enough time has passed to maybe even win over PC gaming purists. The MMOARPG will require an internet connection to play, but will maintain its defining features including the ability to choose between one of six classes before wreaking havoc on waves of enemies all whilst hoarding that sweet, sweet loot. It will also be free-to-play on launch, with in-app purchases available.


Of course, whilst this handy list of the ten most anticipated upcoming 2022 app games covers a lot of ground, there’s still plenty in the pipeline that we’ve yet to hear about. So be sure to keep an eye on our news page as we reveal any exciting new developments over the coming months.