Horror Survival games may not be everyone’s cup of tea but if you think you have the skill and the courage to enter an epic horror adventure, this genre is absolutely a perfect fit. Horror-themed video games started as text-based adventures in the early 80s. It eventually became more graphical and we were soon introduced to some decent Horror RPGs like the Alone in the Dark in 1992 and action-packed first-person shooters like Sega’s The House of the Dead in 1996.


The horror survival genre, however, was first introduced in the Resident Evil game. Unlike any action-adventure game, horror survival will put players in a more critical situation. Aside from the horror elements that intend to scare the players, the game is merely designed to challenge players to survive critical situations like limited ammunition, health, and resources, along with some mind-boggling puzzles that they need to solve. There is a great number of horror survival games today but what really makes them more fascinating is the story that will test the best of your imagination.


Most horror survival video games are characterized by their hardcore gameplay, impressive graphics, and compelling story. Interestingly, you can also achieve these console-grade gaming elements on your mobile device. There are some hardcore horror survival app games that you can download for free. Today, we’re listing down ten of the best free-to-play horror survival app games that you can play on your mobile device.


Horror Survival Games


Dead Trigger 2

From the same team behind the Shadowgun series comes an equally action-packed horror-survival mobile game. The first Dead Trigger app game was launched in 2012 and it was a massive hit, reaching more than 30 million downloads for both Android and iOS devices. A year later, it was followed by an equally successful sequel – the Dead Trigger 2. The sequel will take place after the catastrophic events that occurred in the first Dead Trigger game. It follows the adventure of Kyle in an abandoned city that is overrun by the infected zombies and your goal is to help him survive and find his way out.


The game provides you with a nostalgic first-person shooter experience that reminds you of games like Doom and The House of the Dead. Although the game is optimized for mobile devices, Dead Trigger 2 features console-grade graphics and gameplay. For instance, instead of the typical “on-rails” gameplay, the players can control their character’s movements similar to PC and console FPS. In addition to that, the graphics for Dead Trigger 2 were drastically improved compared to its predecessor. It features a well-polished 3D map and special bosses like Panzers and the monstrous Titan. The game also comes with an impressive weaponry system that allows your character to wield a wide collection of melee and ranged weapons. If you love fast-paced and objective-based action survival, Dead Trigger 2 is surely a perfect fit for you.

Download Dead Trigger 2: Android/ iOS



Horror Survival Games


Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead by PIKPOK is an interesting merge between an endless runner and a first-person shooter. Unlike its predecessor, Into the Dead 2 provides more depth to the story and introduced us to more interesting characters. Here, you play the role of James who finds himself trapped in a zombie-infested area. Like any horror-survival game, your goal is to survive and keep your character alive and eliminate the zombies you encounter along the way. From time to time, you communicate with your sister Helen and your daughter Maggie as they both tried to survive the outbreak. The game is also accompanied by impressive cut scenes that make you feel like you are playing a video game on a higher gaming console.

The game also comes with impressive longevity with 7 action-packed chapters, 60 stages, and hundreds of challenges to explore. It also has multiple endings that provide this game with a decent replay value. The mechanics for Into the Dead 2 are surprisingly easy yet extremely hard to master. Here, you can personalize your armory to make your character more efficient on every run and also to maximize his chances of survival. Some of the special events can even link you to the Night of the Living Dead and Ghostbusters universes.

Download Into the Dead 2: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games


Dead Effect 2

If you are up for a futuristic horror survival, Dead Effect 2 takes you to an intergalactic terror! The first Dead Effect game took place in 2045 when the entire crew of the ESS Meridian spaceship turned into zombies due to the accidental leakage of a man-made virus. This game gives us some Mass Effect vibes but instead of machines, you will be dealing with vicious zombies. Dead Effect 2 follows the events that occurred in the first game. The ship was once again overrun by infected zombies and you must find your way out to survive. The tricky part here is that your character is also slowly dying due to the infection


Developed with Unity Engine by Badfly Interactive, Dead Effect 2 is a first-person shooter game that features impressive 3D graphics which you can confidently compare with those high-quality console games. It features four playable characters including Gunnar, Jane, Kay, and Xandria (DLC). Each of them comes with unique attributes, personalities, and specialties. Aside from its console-quality graphics and sounds, the game notably comes with impressive longevity with more than 30 hours of gameplay for both the main campaign and special missions. Just make sure that you have enough space on your phone storage to play this game smoothly.

Download Dead Effect 2: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games


The Ghost – Survival Horror

A horror survival game is not always about zombies. Sometimes the horror comes from some unexplained paranormal events just like what you are about to experience when you play The Ghost.  The game takes you to two of the most classic horror maps, an abandoned hospital, and a haunted school. What really makes this game more interesting is the fact that you are not going to explore these haunted locations alone. The Ghost is described as a “co-op” survival horror game that allows you to play the game with four other real-time online players. All players will be given the same set of tasks to complete the game.


Generally, most of the objectives require you to collect certain items that are randomly scattered on a very large map. Your team can decide whether they want to explore the place in a large group or they are brave enough to split up. The graphics for this game are decent and enigmatic enough to provide you with the right level of eeriness. Sometimes, silence can be even more terrifying than those loud zombie screams. You cannot tell when and where the ghost will show up. Interestingly, you also have the option to explore the maps alone, or better yet, you can also play as the ghost and make sure none of the players escape.

Download The Ghost – Survival Horror: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games


Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer survival horror game developed by Behavior Digital Inc. It was originally released for PC in 2016 and eventually made available to other console platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. In 2020, the game finally made it to the mobile platform. It is important to mention that Dead by Daylight Mobile is more than just a multiplayer game. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game similar to Left 4 Dead and Friday the 13th where players play the same game in real-time but with complete opposite objectives.


In Dead By Daylight, you have the option to play the game as one of the survivors or you can play as the killer. The game can be played by up to 5 players, four of which are the survivors and one will act as the killer. As a survivor, your goal is to escape the place while preventing the killer to catch you. Teamwork is also an integral part of this game to maximize your chances of surviving. As the killer, your goal is to capture the survivors and offer them to the so-called Entity. You also have the option to play as one of the iconic killers in movies and games including Leatherface, Michael Myers, Pyramid Head, and many other licensed characters.

Download Dead by Daylight Mobile: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games



NetEase has produced so many critically-acclaimed games including Identity V, Onmyoji, and Marvel Super War to name a few. All of which are known for their excellent gameplay and impressive graphics and LifeAfter is not an exemption at all. LifeAfter follows a typical concept of horror survival. The game will take place in a post-apocalyptic environment which started when a virus accidentally spread out transforming all infected into monstrous zombies and mutants. Your character is lucky enough to survive and now you must find your way to stay alive. This game is seemingly a merge between a Battle Royale environment and a Horror survival gameplay.


In this game, your character will experience hunger and thirst and you must scout for all available resources to survive. Although you can freely explore the place and wander around the map, the game will still rely on main quests to progress. In the entire course of this game, players will be asked to scout for resources, craft items, kill zombies, and interact with various characters. You might also find yourself exploring various highly-infected places within the city such as abandoned mines, broken-down colleges, suburban areas, and even those in the highlands. Each comes with a different level of danger and you must find your way to survive, otherwise, the game is over! It is safe to say that LifeAfter managed to capture the three Holy Grails of Horror survival; the gameplay, the graphics, and the story!

Download LifeAfter: Android/ iOS



Horror Survival Games


Last Day on Earth: Survival

Last Day on Earth by Kefir defined horror survival in a more realistic manner. The game takes you to a more realistic zombie apocalypse scenario which will measure your logical thinking skills at best. Presented in a 3D top-down perspective, Last Day on Earth is more than just your typical zombie survival horror. The challenge in this game is more than just the zombies because your character may experience hunger, thirst, the urge to pee, and the urge to shower. The real law of survival will be applied in this game and you must find a way to survive. The best strategy to maximize your survival is to build your own shelter. Everything will be built from scratch and you must gather enough resources to keep your character safe.


Weapons can also be crafted using different materials that you can gather through scouting. You can explore one area to another but make sure that you are prepared enough for whatever danger you might encounter. Zombies in this game come in different types and each of them comes with a different skill or behavior. The tricky part of this game is that you cannot tell what kind of zombie awaits you as you explore a new area. If you are brave enough and if you are looking for a greater challenge, try exploring military bunkers, they will either put you in great harm or treat you with surprise!

Download Last Day on Earth: Survival: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games


Sinister Edge

If you are up for a jump scare, Sinister Edge by Everbyte is the right game to download. It comes from the same team behind Dead City, a text-based horror game. Sinister Edge follows the story of a man who is desperately searching for his missing family. After five years, his search leads him to an abandoned mansion. Little did he know, it will also lead him into terror. Sinister Edge is generally an escape horror game presented in visually stunning graphics that capture the right enigmatic and eerie atmosphere. Staying faithful to the classic escape game fashion, the game requires you to navigate the mansion, search for clues, collect items, and solve mind-twisting puzzles.


As you explore the place, you will encounter some paranormal events and other unexpected terrors. This game is also best played with earphones to capture the entire horror experience. Interestingly, the game also comes with a VR Horror Mode for a more terrifying and realistic escape game experience. The game has been recognized by different award bodies including Google Editor Choice Award for two consecutive years (2017 and 2018 respectively) and ITFS in 2016. Truly, by combining heart-stopping horror with the complex mechanics of an adventure game, Sinister Edge offers you an unparalleled experience like no other.

Download Sinister Edge: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games


Lost in Blue

If you enjoy mystery series like Lost or Manifest, Lost in Blue by Volcano Force will take you to a similar scenario. However, the game is not just about the mystery but also involves horror elements. The game follows a story of a group of people who managed to survive a plane crash. They found themselves on a strange island that is inhabited by wild creatures, monsters, mutated humans, and militias. Similar to Last Day on Earth, this game applies the real law of survival where your character experiences hunger and thirst. You will also start from scratch and you will be asked to gather enough resources to survive.


It comes with a realistic crafting system that requires you to gather materials to build weapons, cook food, and build a shelter. It also comes with multiplayer elements that allow you to befriend other players and build a party to gather more resources on the island. Exploration is also a key element in this game You can explore natural sceneries like beaches, tropical rainforests, swamps, and volcanoes while you fight your way through man-made obstacles. Players might also discover hidden locations including an old expedition ship, secret research laboratories, ancient ruins, and deadly abandoned temples. Aside from its amazing and well-polished gameplay, Lost in Blue is also an absolute visual delight that treats you with impressive 3D graphics and beautiful island sceneries. Of course, you should not be deceived by its beauty because you can never tell what kind of horror hides behind it.

Download Lost in Blue: Android/ iOS


Horror Survival Games

Zombie Frontier 4

Zombie Frontier 4 is the newest addition to FT Games’ Zombie Frontier series. The mechanics for this first-person shooter game are generally simple. However, despite the apparent simplicity, this game is surprisingly addictive, providing us with the zombie-killing spree that we have always wanted. Although the game is optimized for mobile devices, it provides us with a nostalgic FPS experience similar to those console-grade shooter video games that we love. Not to mention the beautifully executed graphics, the large variety of zombies, and the dynamically-changing maps that you can explore.


Zombie Frontier 4 is not yet a perfect zombie game but you can tell how the series is evolving and improving. It is safe to say that this game is a homage to some of our favorite horror survival video games like Resident Evil and Dying Light. It also features an impressive weaponry system that allows you to choose your preferred weapon to strategize your battle. If you think you are skillful enough to master this epic horror-survival FPS, feel free to explore Zombie Frontier 4 and see how far your shooting skills can take you.

Download Zombie Frontier 4: Android/ iOS