10 Best Offline Mobile Games:


Online games are dominating the mobile market today. It gives players the ability to enter a virtual world and interact with real-time online players. By connecting the game to a network, it gives players access to various multiplayer elements such as leaderboards, a chat system, reward videos, and many other interactive campaigns. At the same time, developers can also input different forms of advertisements as a source of revenue. The notable downside, however, is that online games often require a strong Internet connection to be able to play smoothly. Whether you are connected via WiFi Network or via Mobile Data, the overall user experience is greatly affected by the strength of your network connection.

This is where offline mobile games come into play. These offline mobile games are optimized and designed to be played anytime and anywhere even without an Internet connection. These games are often described as time-killers because you can play these app games during your free time without worrying about your progress. While they are missing all the exciting multiplayer elements, offline games are known for their impressive replay value and longevity while providing a decent level of difficulty. Today, we are listing down ten of the best time-killer offline games that you should definitely add to your device.

Take note that we are only listing games that are free-to-play so games like Minecraft and Terraria are excluded from the list. In addition to that, replay value, longevity, uniqueness, and the increasing levels of difficulty are some of the major factors we highly considered for this list. We also made sure that all the games in this list are freemium and not trial versions that only provide limited access.

Offline Mobile Games

1. Plants Vs Zombies 2

First on our list is a game that most of us are familiar with. Plants Vs Zombies by PopCap Games took the game industry by storm and has become one of the fastest-selling video games in history. Plant Vs Zombies provided a new flavor to the classic tower defense mechanic by uniquely putting plants and zombies into an epic clash. The mechanics for this iconic tower defense game is generally simple yet surprisingly fun and addictive. Thanks to its humorous elements and intuitive gameplay, Plants Vs Zombies instantly became a massive hit.

Following the success of the first Plants Vs Zombies, PopCap expanded its franchise by adding two more direct sequels and a great number of spin-offs. Plants Vs Zombies 2 was exclusively released and optimized for mobile platforms. It follows the same formula as its predecessor and captured the same gameplay but offers new features. Once you are done downloading the content, you can play this game offline. Note: You cannot purchase items from the in-game shop when playing this game offline. You might also lose access to reward videos. It also requires you to go online if a new game update is needed to be installed.


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Offline Mobile Games

2. Dumb Ways to Die 2

From a simple online campaign that aims to promote railway safety, Dumb Ways to Die became an instant hit with gamers. Not to mention the iconic theme song that also went viral online. Following the viral campaign, PlaySide Studio acquired the rights to Dumb Ways to Die and developed a series of funny yet surprisingly addictive collections of mini-games. As the title suggests, the game features a collection of random mini-games where you try to save the character from dying in the dumbest way possible. The challenge here is that the mini-games will only last for a very short time and the mechanics are also given randomly. It requires players to exert the best of their eye and hand coordination and they must be able to analyze each puzzle carefully before they run out of time.

After the success of the first game, a sequel was immediately released. It generally follows the same mechanics but on a larger scale. This time, the game will introduce players to various worlds such as Drown Town, Camp Catastrophe, Freezerville, and more. All of these worlds are already open and can be explored in any order. It works even without an Internet connection and it also gives you access to the Quick Play mode where you play randomly-generated mini-games. Note: Without an Internet connection, you will lose access to its Multiplayer events and various collectibles that can only be unlocked by watching ads. Other than that, everything works like a charm!


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Offline Mobile Games

3. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison started as a flash game developed by Juicy Beast and officially published by Kongregate. However, when the popularity of flash games started to decline, Kongregate ported this popular game to the mobile platform to reach a wider audience. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre is technically the first of the series that was exclusively released for mobile devices and is the third and last installment of the franchise. The mechanics of the game are very much the same as its predecessors where you launch a “launchadores” as far as you can and smash as many gummies as possible.

The only notable difference for this mobile game is the introduction of new launchadores that will accompany Burrito Bison in his mission. These include Pineapple Spank and El Pollo who have different sets of special skills. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre can be played offline and gives you access to Missions and Upgrades regardless of your network connection. Note: Playing this game offline removes your access to Flash Sale offers and the Leaderboard system.


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Offline Mobile Games

4. Temple Run 2

The king of all Endless Runners, the one that placed the genre into the mainstream.  Developed by Imangi Studios, Temple Run comes with very simple mechanics. The goal is to run endlessly and avoid all the obstacles you will encounter along the way. Following the success of the first game, a direct sequel was released which features a vast of wonderful changes. For instance, Temple Run 2 features a bunch of new playable characters and new exciting maps to explore. Each map now comes with a different set of obstacles, making each attempt an entirely new experience.

Similar to the first game, Temple Run 2 works perfectly fine even without an Internet connection which allows you to play the game anytime and anywhere you want. It also provides access to Daily and Weekly Challenges and you can also take advantage of the Objectives to earn additional rewards. New Maps and New Runners, however, must be downloaded first before you get offline access to them. Note: Online features such as In-game Shop, new maps, runners, and Global Challenges (Multiplayer) cannot be accessed without an Internet connection.


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Offline Mobile Games

5. Crossy Road

Interestingly, Crossy Road by Hipster Whale is merely inspired by the classic Frogger Arcade game by Konami. It captures all the elements from the classic game but in a colorful 3D visual. It also follows the same objective. The goal is to help the Chicken cross the road safely by successfully evading approaching vehicles and other deadly hazards. The simple yet surprisingly addictive game is also a response to an old joke “why did the chicken cross the road?” The map for Crossy Road is also changing dynamically in every attempt which gives this app game an impressive replay value.

Best of all, Crossy Road is an app game that you can play even without an Internet connection. You do not even need to watch advertisements to get full access to some of its interesting features. These include the game’s mini gacha system that allows you to unlock new characters in exchange for 100 Virtual coins. Surprisingly, Crossy Road can also be played by two players even without an Internet connection. It comes with a two-player mode that allows players to play the game using the same phone. This features a split-screen allowing two players to control their characters and race against each other. Of course, you will also appreciate the game’s nostalgic and retro-inspired visuals.


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Offline Mobile Games

6. Eternium

Most modern RPGs today are focusing on multiplayer elements which allow players to interact with other players in real-time. Eternium, however, took an old-school approach. It is a retro-inspired hack-and-slash RPG developed by Dream Primer and Making Fun (the same team behind Runestrike). Interestingly, the game (formerly known as Mage and Minions) will take you to a multi-planet universe of swords, aliens, and space-faring dragons. While the game follows the classic RPG formula, Eternium treats you with modern and visually stunning 3D visuals.

The game begins by selecting your preferred Hero. You can choose between a Warrior, a Mage, or a Bounty Hunter. Once done, you will be prompted immediately to the virtual world where you fight against a great number of enemies. The game is wonderfully optimized for mobile devices, allowing you to navigate and interact with the game using simple tap and swipe controls. The best part about this unique yet nostalgic RPG is that you can actually play Eternium offline. The only tricky part is that you have to download the content first before you can play it offline. Other than that, Eternium works like a charm even without a network connection and it will not affect the game’s quality either.


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Offline Mobile Games

7. Gardenscapes

While we do not appreciate Playrix’s marketing strategy of using false advertising to promote their games, we cannot deny the fact that Gardenscapes is a decent casual game. This match-3 puzzle takes you on a colorful adventure of restoring a huge mansion garden back to its former glory. The mechanics are very simple, you will be asked to complete a series of tasks by collecting stars which you can obtain by solving puzzles.  Each level takes you to a different grid with a different set of objectives to complete. Just like your typical match 3 puzzle, simply match 3 or more identical tiles to clear them off the grid.

You can also take advantage of the powerups that can be formed by matching 4 or more identical tiles. There are also consumable Boosters that you can purchase prior to each level. The rate of difficulty will drastically increase as you progress which makes the game even more fun and challenging. In response to the controversial misleading advertisements, Playrix added optional mini-games that work exactly how they advertised Gardenscapes. This allows gamers to win additional coins in return. Note: The game might require you to update the app from time to time especially if there are seasonal events. You have to download the additional content before you can play it again offline.


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Offline Mobile Games

8. Tiny Pixel Farm

Tiny Pixel Farm by Game Start Studio is a unique game that merges farm simulation and idle game elements. Like most incremental app games, the first phase of this game requires your full commitment. Instead of crops, the game will focus more on raising poultry and livestock animals. At first, you have to manually tap every interaction until you have enough money to hire people. The ability of the people you hire depends on their level so the more you upgrade them, the more things they can do. This is definitely one of the best farm simulation app games out there!

Once a farm reaches its maximum level and once you have reached Level 20, you have the option to move to another farm that features a new theme. In addition to that, Tiny Pixel Farm provides a nostalgic experience due to its Harvest Moon-like graphics and soundtrack. Best of all, this idle game works well even without an Internet connection. You can also earn virtual coins even when the app is not active. Note: The only downside is that you cannot use the reward videos to multiply your earnings.


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Offline Mobile Games

9. Crazy Diner

Developed by Smart Fun, Crazy Diner is a restaurant management game that will take you to the colorful world of Tasty Town. In this game, you will play the role of an aspiring chef with the ultimate goal to become the world’s best chef. Crazy Diner will take you to different parts of the world to explore different cuisine. The mechanics for the game are generally simple yet surprisingly tricky that require the best of the player’s visual reflexes and eye and hand coordination. The main objective is to serve the customers and deliver what they want as quickly as possible.

Some level also grants you a key that you will need to restore and upgrade your restaurant. To make your chef more efficient, you can take advantage of some kitchen upgrades that allow you to serve more items and become more productive. Take note that you only have limited time to reach your target income and if you failed to do so, your game will come to a quick end and you have to start the same level back from the very beginning. Crazy Diner also works well even without an Internet connection. Note: Playing offline, however, prevents you from accessing various reward systems.


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Offline Mobile Games

10. Wordscapes

If you are looking for an excellent time killer game, you can never go wrong with a word game. Even before smartphones became a thing, people used to enjoy various tabletop games and solving their favorite crossword puzzles in a magazine or newspaper. Today, there is an overwhelming number of word app games to choose from. Some of which are designed to be played by multiple players while others are known to be solitary. Wordscapes by PeopleFun is one of the well-acclaimed word games today that is available for free for both Android and iOS devices. It is generally a merge between a crossword puzzle and an anagram.

The main objective is to complete each level by filling all the empty boxes or grids with letters. To do so, you must submit a series of valid words from the jumbled letters below the screen. Simply tap, drag, and hold the letters to connect them and release them to submit. The length of the words will gradually increase as you progress, making the puzzle even more challenging and thrilling at the same time. If you’re stuck, you can always take advantage of the shuffle and hints to help you out. Wordscapes can be played offline and your progress will never be affected by your network connection, allowing players to play this addictive word game anytime and anywhere they want. Note: You cannot, however, access the leaderboard and reward videos when playing Wordscapes offline.

Download Wordscapes: Android / iOS


Just because online games have so much to offer doesn’t mean offline games are less enjoyable. These games can provide the same level of entertainment and can be enjoyed regardless of your network condition. We hope you have fun exploring these Top 10 Best Time-Killer Offline Mobile Games that you should definitely add to your smartphone or other mobile devices!