With more than 230 million copies sold and over 140 million monthly active users, it is no secret that Minecraft is the most commercially successful video game of all time. The current record even surpassed big titles like Nintendo’s Super Mario and Game Freak’s Pokemon game. Minecraft doesn’t even have hardcore visuals to begin with but the creative idea behind this sandbox game has become its greatest strength. It is an absolute game changer that inspired many game developers today to establish their own open and procedurally-generated world games.

What makes it even more fascinating is that Minecraft is not even exploring its full potential and yet the success of the game is truly overwhelming. The success of Mojang’s Minecraft eventually expanded into multiple spin-offs including the upcoming Minecraft Legends which is scheduled to be released next year. There is even an annual Minecraft convention to prove the game’s huge fan base. It is not really surprising why there is an overwhelming number of clones in the mobile market today, attempting to replicate Minecraft’s huge success. Minecraft clones come in all different shape and sizes.

It should be noted that cloning a game is legal. It means that a developer can copy the gameplay of another game except for the assets like arts, sounds, music, and video. This is because copyright doesn’t protect creative ideas. Developers can clone and tweak gameplay and make them their own. Today, we’re listing 10 of the best Minecraft clones for your mobile device.


Minecraft Clones



Terraria is a game developed by Re-Logic and is one of those Minecraft clones that managed to gain the same success. In fact, Terraria is now considered one of the best-selling video games today. The game was first released for Windows and eventually ported to multiple gaming platforms including mobile devices. Although it can be considered a clone of Minecraft due to some major crafting elements, Terraria is a special game of its own. Instead of providing a 3D environment, Terraria takes you to a retro-style open world. The game provides you with a decent amount of nostalgia and it gives you the feeling of playing a classic video game.

In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to explore the procedurally generated world of Terraria. Your goal is to survive the game by gathering enough resources through crafting, mining, building shelter, and killing a great number of monsters and hard-to-beat bosses. From here, you can obtain special armor and weapons that you can use to efficiently defeat bigger bosses. If you are looking for a classic Minecraft experience along with some fantasy role-playing game elements, Terraria is definitely the perfect game for you.


Download Terraria: Android /iOS


Minecraft Clones


Earth Craft

Earth Craft is developed by SK Games- Craftlandia who seemingly enjoyed building Minecraft-inspired app games. They even have a game called “Cute World”, another Minecraft clone but with adorable shaders and textures. Earth Craft, on the other hand, is not so different. It captures all the elements we enjoy in Minecraft, it comes with the same set of materials, the same gameplay, and the same environment. Earth Craft will also take you to a procedurally-generated open world that comes with many different biomes, villages, temples, abandoned mines, and more.

In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to explore, build shelter, craft items, and survive. The game comes with both Survival and Creative campaigns. Similar to Minecraft, Survival mode takes you to a challenging open world where your character needs to survive the challenging environment while Creative Mode gives you the freedom to build and decorate your own world. Overall, the game provides the same level of gaming experience as Minecraft but unlike the Pocket Edition, Earth Craft is absolutely free-to-play. If you are looking for a Minecraft alternative for your phone that will not cost you a single buck, this could be a great fit.


Download Earth Craft: Android


Minecraft Clones


Pixel Worlds

As far as Minecraft clones go, this is one of the best. Developed by Kukouri Mobile Entertainment, Pixel Worlds is a Minecraft-inspired MMO platformer. Although the game adapts the classic Minecraft crafting and building system, Pixel Worlds is heavily tweaked. Instead of a 3D environment, the game will prompt you to a 2D platformer. The graphics will also remind you of those early MMO browser games like MapleStory. Similar to Minecraft though, Pixel Worlds will prompt the player to a randomly and procedurally generated open world. Here, you will be asked to gather resources and craft items to build new structures. You can shape your world any way you want and your imagination is your only limit in this game.

Aside from its entirely new environment and graphics, another thing that separates Pixel Worlds from other Minecraft clones in the market is the multiplayer element of the game. As the title suggests, Pixel Worlds allows you to interact with other players. There is a so-called Pixel Station that acts like a hub for all players worldwide. To top it all off, the game allows you to visit different active worlds created by different players. This MMO element is also what separates Roblox from Mojang’s Minecraft. If you love Minecraft and you enjoy playing MMOs, this game will surely give you the best of both worlds!


Download Pixel Worlds: Android / iOS


Minecraft Clones



If you are willing to spend bucks to experience Minecraft-inspired gameplay but in a different form of survival, SurvivalCraft is definitely worth a penny. The price of the game is notably half the price of the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Here, you play the role of a guy who was thrown out on a remote island, and now, you have to find a way to survive.  The mechanics of the game are very much the same as Minecraft, you gather resources, build shelter and craft items that you can use to maximize your chances of survival. You will be taken to the same 3D environment but in a slightly different texture and shaders. The game will also feature a new set of flora and fauna. So do not be surprised to see Giraffes, lions, and other wild creatures.

SurvivalCraft also took a realistic approach by eliminating the classic Minecraft mobs and replacing them with wild animals. Instead of zombies and skeletons, hostile animals will greet you at night. It is also interesting to mention that the character has many attributes that you must keep an eye on. There are separate statuses for health, stamina, air, body heat, food, and wetness. You can also craft a large variety of tools and weapons in the game that you can use in different situations. The player can also switch from the first-person to the third-person camera in just one tap. If you think you are skillful enough to survive this game, feel free to explore SurvivalCraft and see how far you can go.


Download SurvivalCraft: Android / iOS


Minecraft Clones



Minetest is another Minecraft clone and is also an open-source app game. It captures every bit of Minecraft and it allows players to explore a large procedurally generated open world. Minetest, however, is more reminiscent of the old version of Minecraft Pocket edition. It features the old texture of Minecraft which gives you a nostalgic gaming experience. The controls, however, are quite tricky for Minetest. For instance, placing a block requires you to double-tap on a surface. It also requires you to tap the drops and loots instead of simply passing through them.

Crafting is also slightly different in Minetest. Here, you no longer need a craft box or a craft table to start crafting. There is a dedicated tap-based button that gives you quick access to your crafting area. All you need is to collect the recipes and drag them on your crafting board. The game also comes with a creative mode that allows you to build your own world without sustaining any damage brought by a challenging environment. This game may not give you a full Minecraft experience but is definitely worth exploring. After all, the game is completely free and it doesn’t consume much space on your storage.


Download Minetest: Android


Minecraft Clones



Developed by Playlabs, Worldcraft is an example of a decent Minecraft clone. Although it captures the same gameplay and mechanics, WorldCraft features a slightly tweaked texture and animation which feels like you are exploring a different crafting game. For instance, the creatures and mobs in this game are very different and zombies are notably creepier. Aside from the blocky terrain, WorldCraft, somehow, eliminates the pixel-art style and replaces it with conventional cartoon-like graphics. To top it all off, the game gives you access to more than 300 colorful skins for your character.

Another special feature of this game is the Multiplayer element. By exploring the Multiplayer mode, you’ll get access to various worlds created by different players. It gives you a list of worlds that are open for exploration. You can also build your own world, build enormous structures, add tons of decorations, and let other players admire your work. You also have the option to save other worlds created by other players and modify them by yourself. WorldCraft is free-to-play but is supported by advertisements. You can, however, purchase the Pro version to eliminate the ads and access tons of additional features.


Download WorldCraft: Android / iOS


Minecraft Clones


Exploration Craft 3D

Exploration Craft 3D by Smartties is another Minecraft clone that you can freely add to your device. It offers two game modes; Survival and Creative. Similar to Minecraft, Survival Mode is where you start entering a procedurally-generated open world without any resources at all. To survive the game, you must quickly gather enough resources to build your own shelter and craft weapons. There is also a day-and-night cycle in this game but the zombies and other mobs are notably more aggressive in this game.

Unlike Minecraft though, a craft table is no longer needed to craft items. All you need to do is to gather all the materials needed. The Creative mode of Exploration Craft 3D is slightly unique. You have the option to start a Flat world or a randomly generated terrain. This mode gives you access to all the blocks but some of which can be unlocked by watching a reward video. There is also a currency and level system in this mode that allows you to unlock ready-made structures. The game also provides a focus on the mounting system that allows you to ride on various creatures from pigs to dragons!


Download Exploration Craft 3D: Android


Minecraft Clones


LokiCraft 2

If you are looking for a Minecraft clone that provides the exact Minecraft gaming experience, LokiCraft 2 will surely not disappoint and is one of the best Minecraft cloes. It is safe to say that this is a Minecraft replica and it is done and played in the classic Minecraft fashion. You can play the game in Survival or Creative mode. As soon as you start, you will be prompted to a procedurally-generated open world that includes different biomes. You can even input Seeds in this game to generate a specific environment. If you have experienced playing the original Minecraft Pocket Edition, this game works exactly the same. It shares the same game controls, the same crafting system, and the same survival mechanics.

The only notable difference is that LokiCraft 2 is using the old textures of Minecraft. Therefore, the graphics are not as smooth as the current version of Minecraft PE. It also means that new features of Minecraft are not yet adopted in this game. The sea floor, for instance, is not yet populated by colorful corals and not yet inhabited by sea creatures (dolphins, fishes, octopuses, and turtles to name a few). Although not officially confirmed, this game gives you access to various Nether items which could indicate that it is possible to access the Netherworld in Lokicraft 2.


Download LokiCraft 2: Android / iOS


Minecraft Clones


Craft World

Not to be confused with WorldCraft, Craft World is another decent game in terms of  Minecraft clones is developed and published by Master Craft Game 3D. Among all the clones in this list, Craft World is probably the closest to the latest version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. It captures new textures as well as the latest crafting and inventory system of the original Minecraft game. It also adapts the simplicity of Minecraft’s game controls and it literally feels like playing the actual Minecraft game. Here, you can play the game in Creative and Survival modes. You can also input seeds to generate a specific world or biome similar to the original Minecraft game.

In addition to that, Craft World also gives you access to multiple colorful skins for your character. It also features Advanced Settings that allow you to configure the game’s graphics and controls. If you are familiar with some Minecraft cheat codes to help you locate hidden villages and temples, you can also do it in Craft World. Overall, this game managed to replicate all the beautiful elements that we enjoy in the original Minecraft game. If you want to experience Minecraft but are not willing to buy the app, this is a perfect alternative!


Download Craft World: Android


Minecraft Clones


Crafty Lands

Imagine if you merge the brilliant concept behind the crafting system of Mojang’s Minecraft and the multiple worlds of Roblox? You’ll get Crafty Lands! Developed and published by Afterverse Games, Crafty Lands takes you on a well-polished crafting and multiplayer adventure. The game will give you access to multiple worlds or maps which you can either explore alone (solo) or with friends (multiplayer). Each map comes with different themes that you can freely modify. However, unlike Minecraft, Crafty Lands will not focus on crafting or gathering resources, or even survival. The game highlights players’ creativity and the fun of exploring different worlds.

The creative map provides you access to all the available blocks and you are free to build whatever structures you want without the need of collecting materials. You can also make modifications to other worlds by constructing or destroying various structures. To play the game in multiplayer mode, you need to share the Map code with your friend to give them access. Appearance-wise, Crafty Lands is an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautiful 3D animations and a collection of visually stunning maps to explore. Players can also take advantage of the Daily Quests and Bonuses to earn gold coins (virtual currency) which you can later use to buy premium blocks and weapons.


Download Crafty Lands: Android / iOS


Minecraft alone is a great game but we understand that not everyone is willing to spend money on a mobile game. In addition to that, it is wonderful to see how these independent developers incorporate their own creative ideas into this classic crafting game. We hope that our list of 10 Best Minecraft Clones for Mobile can help you. Feel free to try them out and have fun crafting!