How can you enjoy a game without even playing? Although it sounds impossible, this is how incremental games or better known as “idle games” work. These app games are designed to work and progress with little or even without the player’s manual interaction. Grinding is one of the game’s core elements which requires players to gather resources to buy upgrades and drastically boost their productivity. This particular game mechanic brings players to an endless loop where they grind to earn, they earn to upgrade, and they upgrade to grind even more.

Of course, an Idle game will not work without its automated features. This involves an automatic clicker or tapper function that allows you to earn or progress even without your interaction. Some of which even work well even if the game is not open or if there is no network connection available, making most idle games effective time-killer apps. Interestingly, most of the early incremental games are merely developed as parodies to mock some of the most abused game mechanics. These include the Progress Quest by Eric Fredricksen in 2002 to mock EverQuest MMO and Cow Clicker by Ian Bogost which aims to mock Zynga’s FarmVille. What really took the Internet by storm is 2013’s Cookie Clicker which placed idle gaming into the mainstream.

Incremental or idle games drastically evolved over the past years. We are introduced to different idle mechanics and different concepts from various creative developers. Today, we are listing down ten of the best incremental app games that you should definitely add to your device.


Incremental Games


1. Cookie Clicker

First on our list is the king of all idle games! Cookie Clicker is finally ported into Android after many years of waiting. The iconic clicker game was first launched in 2013 as a web browser game by Julien “Orteil” Thiennot. It quickly became a hit with many gamers and catapulted idle gaming to the mainstream. As the title clearly suggests, the main objective of this game is to click the cookie as many times as you possibly can. Six years after its successful run, Cookie Clicker is finally available on Android and provides us all with nothing but the same addictive and nostalgic gaming experience.

Unfortunately, it took Orteil six years to launch the app version of the game and there’s already an overwhelming number of clones in the market. Tiny Games, for instance, has produced a series of Cookie Clicker(s) games that not only share the same name but also share the same gameplay. The official Cookie Clicker app is published by DashNet which captures the exact graphics and mechanics. There are two ways to earn cookies in this game; the first one is by tapping the cookie manually and the other one is by purchasing “autoclickers”. Eventually, players can buy assets like cursors, grandmas, farms, mines, and more to drastically boost the CPS (Cookie per Second). You can also take advantage of special cookies that randomly appear on the screen to boost the production rate temporarily.


Download Cookie Clicker: Android


Incremental Games


2. AFK Arena

From the people behind Rise of Kingdoms and the new Dislyte RPG comes another popular title. Lilith Games’ AFK Arena is a unique mixture of Gacha RPG and Incremental games. The term AFK is jargon in the gaming community, an acronym that stands for “Away from Keyboard”. If a player is in an AFK state, it means that the gamer is literally away from the keyboard but the virtual character is still online or active in the game. In MMORPGs, players will often go on an AFK if they want to sell items through their private shops. AFK Arena, however, is not pure incremental nor a full-fledged RPG.

The game follows the story of a rivalry between two gods (Dura and Annih) that took place thousands of years ago. The rivalry resulted in an epic war that placed the world of Esperia in great catastrophe. Many years after the battle, the evil is back to destroy the world and now, the heroes of Esperia will rise again to end the war once and for all. AFK Arena features a 5-party combat system that is incorporated with a card battle mechanic. The only way to progress in this game is to clear each level by killing all the enemies. You can take advantage of its gacha mechanic to summon stronger heroes and create the best squad. The incremental element in this game can be found in its auto-farming features. This allows you to collect resources even without the need for manual grinding. It also comes with an offline feature that allows you to earn additional resources even if the game is not open.


Download AFK Arena: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


3. Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks takes you to a post-apocalyptic scenario. Your goal is to play the role of an overseer and manage the shelter to help the dwellers survive and thrive. In the entire course of the game, the player will be asked to gather all the important resources to help the dwellers survive. These resources include Water, Power, and Food. To do so, you must build the facilities within the vault such as a power generator, water pump, and diner to produce the resources you need. You can also upgrade the facilities in exchange for caps (the game’s virtual currency) to boost the vault’s productivity. Take note that dwellers must be assigned in each room to function.

As an overseer in Fallout Shelter, you are more than just a spectator. It is your responsibility to keep the supplies in good shape. If the resources started to go down, the facilities will also start to malfunction which eventually affects the entire production. You can also take advantage of the Rush option to expedite the production but the success rate will always vary. Failed attempts can potentially harm the dwellers. Interestingly, you can also send dwellers to the wasteland for further exploration. It should be noted that Fallout Shelter is not 100% automated. While it requires less interaction, constant monitoring and tracking of your facilities are still required. Overall, it is a nice incremental game with an interesting concept, beautiful graphics, and smooth gameplay.


Download Fallout Shelter: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


4. Idle Heroes

Created and published by DHGames, Idle Heroes pretty much shares the same concept with AFK Arena. It is a gacha RPG with incremental elements to it. Unlike the aforementioned game by Lilith, however, Idle Heroes do not have an origin story. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted to the so-called “Land of the warriors” and your battle journey will immediately take place. Gacha mechanic plays a crucial role for Idle Heroes. You can summon heroes in two notable ways; through the Summon Circle and by collecting heroes’ fragments from the battle. By visiting the Summon Circle from the main menu, you can summon random heroes using the scrolls.

Currently, there are three summon types in this game. The first one is the Basic Summon which requires the Basic Summon Scroll. Here, you will have a chance to summon 1–2-star heroes. Heroic Summon, on the other hand, allows you to summon greater and stronger heroes (3-5 stars) and requires Heroic Summon Scroll. There is also a Friendship Summon that requires Hearts. In order to progress in this game, you have to complete each level by successfully defeating the enemies. You form your own squad of heroes and deploy them in the battle. The combat system is turn-based but the entire battle runs automatically and all you need to do is to watch and hope for a victory. You can, however, upgrade your heroes or equip them with weapons to boost their attributes and make them more efficient and effective in every battle. There is also an Auto-farming feature in this game that allows you to earn additional resources even without going through manual grinding.


Download Idle Heroes: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


5. Idle Miner Tycoon

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a wealthy tycoon who runs a billion-dollar mining company? Well, this idle game will definitely give you the chance. Idle Miner Tycoon by Kolibri Games gives you a simple yet fun and addictive incremental experience. The main goal of this game is to make your mining business grow and become the world’s biggest industrial tycoon. The mechanics for this game are very simple and absolutely manageable. As soon as the game starts, you will be prompted to a mineshaft that will be run initially by three people; the miner, the elevator operator, and the warehouseman. At first, you need to manually interact by tapping the workers individually.

The Miner collects all the treasure from the mineshaft while the elevator operator transports them to the higher ground. The warehouseman, on the other hand, collects the treasure and sells them. The game will introduce the auto feature when you already have enough money to hire a manager. Each working area requires a manager not just to activate the auto feature but also to make the workers more productive. The managers will vary in terms of their level of experience and the special abilities they have. All the upgrade fees are exponentially increasing in this game so hiring better managers will help you become more efficient and productive. The game reaches up to 800-level mineshaft which gives Idle Miner Tycoon decent longevity. You can also take advantage of the boosters which you can purchase using the game’s premium currency.


Download Idle Miner Tycoon: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


6. Egg, Inc

Developed by Auxbrain, Egg, Inc is a simple yet weirdly satisfying and addictive idle game. The game takes you to the near future where the egg’s value is more than just a favorite breakfast meal. It turns out, that the chicken egg can unlock the secret of the universe. The mechanics for the game are generally simple and intuitive. As soon as the game starts, it prompts you right away to your egg farm. Located below the screen is a resizable red button with a chicken logo. Tap the button to release chickens and send them to the hen house where they can produce eggs. Literally, the more you click the button, the more chicken you release, and therefore, the more eggs you produce.

With the help of Silos, the farm will run by itself even without the player’s interaction. You can also upgrade the hen houses and the lab research to make your egg farm more productive. From an Edible egg, you can soon unlock new types of eggs which will then transform your farm. This will force you to start a new egg farm that produces a new breed of eggs with higher value. Another notable element of Egg Inc is the ability to customize farms through so-called Shells. This allows you to provide your 3D farm with a new color and identity. Basically, that’s all the game is about but that is also the magic behind idle games. They can be pointless and repetitive but they are surprisingly fun and addictive.


Download Egg, Inc: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


7. AdVenture Capitalist

If you are a business-minded person, then you might appreciate what AdVenture Capitalist is all about. From a simple Lemon Stand, you can grow your business into an Oil company in a day! Developed by Hyper Hippo Entertainment, AdVenture Capitalist is a simple idle game where you play the role of an aspiring businessman. Your main objective is to grow and expand your businesses and become the wealthiest tycoon in the world. Interestingly, this will be a “rags to riches” adventure and you have to start your journey from the very scratch.

Like most incremental games, AdVenture Capitalist will start off as a very demanding game that requires heavy interaction. You must tap all the business icons in order to earn a profit. The automated feature will start as soon as you hire a manager. Each business requires a manager so they can run and earn without your supervision. You can buy more units per business to multiply your profit and expedite production. Players can also take advantage of upgrades, warps, and reward videos to increase their earnings. If you think you have what it takes to become the best capitalist in town, feel free to explore this game and see how far your business will grow!


Download AdVenture Capitalist: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


8. Almost A Hero

Almost a Hero is another Idle RPG but unlike AFK Arena and Idle Heroes, this game allows you to become one of the heroes. You are chosen to wear the Lightning Ring that gives you the power to strike lighting towards the approaching bandits. Luckily, you are not alone in this battle. If you have earned enough coins, you can start hiring heroes and this is where the automated feature comes in. All the heroes that you summon on the battlefield will attack approaching enemies automatically. From here, you have the option to remain active or simply supervise and manage your progress.

The enemies will become stronger as you progress and to maximize your chances of winning, it is important to upgrade your squad. Each hero has their own profile and you can upgrade their skills to boost their attributes and make them more efficient in the battle. The game also features a quest system that grants you bigger rewards. There is also an option to customize heroes to make them look cool and appealing while fighting against enemies. Appearance-wise, Almost a Hero is an absolute visual delight that treats you with beautiful animation that is wonderfully matched with impressive voiceovers and audio effects, making the game even more engaging and worth exploring.


Download Almost a Hero: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


9. Ulala: Idle Adventure

Ulala: Idle Adventure by X.D Global is probably the heaviest game on this list. The game requires more or less 2 GB of space in your phone storage. As the title suggests, Ulala is another form of Idle RPG that takes you back to the prehistoric era where you take control of a hero and engage in an endless battle. The main aim of the game is to transform your character into an ultimate hero and defeat all mobs and monsters you encounter along the way. As soon as the game starts, you will be asked to select your preferred hero. There are eight classes to choose from; Hunter, Assassin, Shaman, Warlock, Druid, Mage, Gladiator, and Warrior. Your character will be deployed immediately to the battlefield along with three other characters that could either be system-generated or real-time online players. The team will progress automatically and will face one group of mobs after another.

What really separates Ulala from other idle games is the multiplayer element. There are two main campaigns to explore, the Adventure mode which allows you to set your character on a journey along with three other AI companions, and Team Mode where you are accompanied by online players. To make your character more efficient, you must equip it with weapons to boost its attributes. The graphics for Ulala is impressive and it is accompanied by a well-fitting piece of music and audio effect to complement the prehistoric atmosphere of the game. The game also doesn’t come with many ads but it has a great number of in-game shops where you can purchase premium items and gives you more privileges.


Download Ulala: Idle Adventure: Android / iOS


Incremental Games


10. Mobile Legends: Adventure

From the team behind one of the most successful MOBA games comes an interesting spin-off. After the success of Moontoon’s Mobile Legend: Bang Bang which was first launched in 2016, they expanded the franchise by releasing a spin-off that comes with entirely different gameplay. Mobile Legends: Adventure is an idle RPG that takes you to the same Mobile Legends universe. It also features all your beloved ML heroes including Layla, Tigreal, Eudora, and more. Similar to the aforementioned idle RPGs on this list, the game takes you to a side-scrolling battle where a squad of heroes will fight against an interminable number of enemies.

The combat system for Mobile Legends: Adventure is automated but you can manually activate their special skills once they have earned enough skill points. If you are a fan of Mobile Legends, you will surely enjoy the impressive cinematic execution of the heroes’ attack along with their iconic “one-liner”. You can also upgrade each hero to make them more efficient in the battle. One thing you will appreciate with this Idle RPG is the compelling story that provides more depth to your favorite ML heroes. The game also features an Autofarming that allows you to earn additional resources while you are in AFK mode. Whether or not you are a fan of Mobile Legends, this game works as a standalone app and it doesn’t require you to be extremely familiar with the original ML game.


Download Mobile Legends: Adventure: Android / iOS


If you are looking for a fun incremental game, feel free to explore these Top 10 Best Incremental app games that you can confidently add to your mobile devices.