Educational App Games – Which are best for kids?


Every day, a great number of app games are being added to the Play Store. Some of them might offer action-packed gameplay on top of their immersive graphics while some embark you on highly compelling stories that are absolutely worth exploring. Unfortunately, not all these games are suitable for young audiences as they might feature themes that involve violence and other explicit content. Now that most kids have access to mobile devices, it would be a challenge for parents to find app games that are not just suitable for their kid’s age but also educational and fun.


Unlike most app games, educational app games are designed to look simple and intuitive while providing educational and fun content. These app games are absolutely colorful by nature and best of all, most of them are free from any forms of advertisements. The notable downside of these educational app games is that they are not completely free to play and most of them are subscription-based. These apps often come with a parental control system that allows parents to configure or limit the content that their kids can see or interact with. Today, we are listing down some free-to-play educational app games that your kids will surely enjoy.


Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an award-winning app game that is brilliantly and thoughtfully designed by experts for kids of different ages. It has a lot of educational content to offer from mathematics to phonetics, from reading to writing, and even social development. Interestingly, this app is designed in collaboration with some experts from the Stanford Graduate School of Education so you should know that this game will meet the Common Core standards. Khan Academy Kids will introduce you to several colorful animal characters and each of them comes with its own adventure. Each character has its own room that features collectible items that you can unlock as you advance into the game.


What’s really impressive with Khan Academy Kids is the adaptive learning path. Here, parents or teachers can choose lessons from the app’s library for their kids or use the personalized learning path that automatically adjusts to each child’s level. It teaches Math and all the basic mathematical operations, vocabulary and speech training, reading and literacy, logic, puzzles, and problem-solving challenges. Kids also have access to its huge library of content that includes a collection of audiobooks that they can listen to for free as well as a great number of offline games that they can play anytime and anywhere. Best of all, this app is absolutely free to play and it doesn’t come with any form of tricky advertisements. Absolutely ideal for kids!

Download Khan Academy Kids: Android / iOS



IDZ Digital is a studio that is specializing in building app games for kids. They have produced a great collection of educational app games for kids that are available for both Android and iOS platforms. The studio has launched 2 successful series including Tizi World and the KidloLand. Similar to Khan Academy, KidloLand is also an award-winning educational app game and was recognized by Google Play as one of the Best Family Apps of 2016. Interestingly, KidloLand is considered to be an All-in-One app game for kids that offers a collection of various games and educational materials for kids to explore.


The app features hundreds of nursery rhymes to keep your kids entertained. It also includes a collection of original songs that will teach kids how to count, recite alphabets, learn shapes, animals, and more. The app also features a nice collection of mini-games including puzzles, memory, sorting, coloring, and many other challenges that are aimed to improve your kid’s cognitive skills. The full version of KidloLand offers more than a thousand fun colorful educational games but you can still download the app and enjoy some of its content for free. The free version only provides limited access but is still enjoyable enough for kids. There are different versions of KidloLand in the App Store including the Rhymes & Kid Games, Toddler Games for 2-3 years old, and Toddler Games for 3+ Years old.

Download KidloLand: Android/ iOS


Gabby’s Dollhouse

Based on the Netflix Animated series of the same name, Gabby’s Dollhouse will take you on a fun and entertaining adventure. Developed by Spin Master Studio, the same team behind various digital app games like Sago Mini and Noid as well as a line of toy merchandise, the app managed to capture everything we love from the animated series including the magical dollhouse, the mini-worlds, and of course, the adorable kittens that will accompany Gabby all throughout her journey.


In this game, players will be prompted to Gabby’s room where they can freely interact with her dollhouse. Each room on her dollhouse takes you to 7 different themed playrooms with multiple mini-games to explore. These rooms allow kids to learn how to paint, cook, craft, plant, and more. You can also collect stickers, watch clips from the series, and also enjoy taking pictures using the camera viewer along with a great number of cute effects. It is also worth mentioning that the Gabby’s Dollhouse app game is both GDPR and COPPA certified which assures your kid’s privacy. Best of all, the game is ad-free and free-to-play!

Download Gabby’s Dollhouse: Android/ iOS



Math is such a tricky subject for kids but incorporating it with some fantasy-inspired theme might give them great reasons to enjoy Mathematics. MathLand is developed and published by Didactoons along with other educational app games like ABC Dinos and Monster Numbers.  Interestingly, MathLand is more than just your typical math game. It follows the story of Ray, the friendly pirate who is tasked to find all the sacred gems stolen by the evil pirate Max. You need to restore the islands back to their former glory and remove them from the curse. To do so, you need to solve a series of math problems involving all the basic mathematical operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


The main campaign of MathLand requires players to sail out from one island to another in an attempt to find all the stolen gems. This requires you to navigate around the map, collect gold coins and overcome a series of challenging obstacles that you will encounter along the way. To unlock each island, you need to get enough spyglasses which you can obtain from the so-called Math Zone. Here, you can play various math games in exchange for gold coins. Parents can also change the Age setting to provide the right level of difficulty for their kids. The free version of MathLand comes with limited levels with short advertisements.

Download MathLand: Android/ iOS


Little Panda’s Town: My World

BabyBus has a great collection of app games that are designed for kids. They offer an overwhelming number of simulation games, dress-ups, match 3 puzzles, platformers, and more. Little Panda’s Town: My World is BabyBus’ take on the open-world game environment. The sandbox concept is increasingly becoming popular nowadays where kids can freely explore the map and interact with almost everything. As the title suggests, the game takes you to a virtual world with various places to explore. These include a little Chinatown, a theater, a school, playground, farm, diner, mall, auto repair shop, hospital, and more.


Each destination takes you to a more detailed world to explore. Here, you can interact with every object and add your preferred character from the menu. You can gather items and place them somewhere else. The kids can explore the kitchen to cook or they can also activate some mechanisms and watch them work. From time to time, players can solve mystery puzzles and unlock special items. While this game provides you with all the freedom, it should be noted that Little Panda’s Town: My World will occasionally show ads.

Download Little Panda’s Town: My World: Android


Star Walk Kids

Embark your kids into an interactive galactic adventure with Star Walk Kids. This educational app game will introduce your kids to the world of Astronomy where they learn about planets, the solar system, the galaxies, and everything in between. The original Star Walk is an astronomy app for adults that provides comprehensive and interactive guides to stars, constellations, satellites, deep space objects, and more. It even comes with an augmented reality stargazing feature too. The Star Walk Kids, on the other hand, is designed for young aspiring astronomers.


The app is designed for parents to explain the basics of astronomy to their curious kids in an interesting and accessible form. It is a perfect educational tool for exploring space by young astronomy enthusiasts that allows them to virtually explore the solar system and learn more about the planets. Using its virtual planetarium, the kids cannot just interact with the planets in real-time but they can also learn various trivia about them. It also features quizzes that will test what your kids learned about the app. The app game also lets your children explore the stars and constellations in different periods. Best of all, the app is free-to-play, absolutely safe, and no in-app purchases are needed to get full access.

Download Star Walk Kids: Android/iOS



Lingokids introduced us to the so-called Playlearning, a method that utilized play-based teaching techniques allowing kids to have fun playing while learning at the same time. Playlearning helps children develop social skills, motivation to learn, and even language and numeracy skills. Lingokids is already a well-established app and is already used by many teachers and parents as an effective educational tool for their kids. It also comes with a Report system that allows parents and teachers to track the progress of their kids. You can also add multiple accounts for each of your kids and track their individual progress.


Gameplay-wise, Lingokids will introduce kids to a huge collection of mini-games. All of the activities and games from this app are wonderfully categorized for easy access. There are matching puzzles, logic puzzles, writing, singing, vocabulary, and many other educational games for kids to explore. Lingokids, however, offers a subscription-based service in order to get full access to their content. Free users can still access limited content and kids can only play the game for a limited amount of time every day.

Download Lingokids: Android/iOS


Toca Life World

Toca Boca also has an interesting collection of app games. Most of which are open-ended and gender-neutral and are open to kids of different ages. Most Toca Boca games are simulation apps and sandbox games that allow kids to explore the various world as free as they want. Toca Life World is generally a collection of all their Toca Life apps including Toca Life: City, Vacation, Hospital, School, and more. The concept behind the Toca Life games is very simple, it prompts kids to a virtual world where they can do almost anything. Here, they are free to interact with almost any objects or characters on the screen.


Kids can also customize the characters through various objects. For instance, if you bring some of the characters to the Salon, you can change their hairstyle and pick the hair color according to your own preferences. Generally, the game is all about using kids’ wide imagination and creativity. Currently, the free version of Toca Life World offers 8 different unique locations to explore and a great number of colorful characters to play with. It comes with a full version and an in-game shop that allows you to unlock more than 100 locations, 500 characters, and 500 pets. If you are not willing to purchase anything, you can also take advantage of its weekly bonuses and rewards where you get a chance to win free items.

Download Toca Life World: Android/iOS


Construction Set

There is a great number of Lego-inspired app games on the Play Store today. There’s the officially licensed Lego Duplo World that comes with open-ended play experiences and games for kids to enjoy. One of the interesting additions to this growing Lego game collection is the Construction Set. Developed by SKR Games and published by SayGames, Construction Set allows players to assemble a variety of brick buildings and scenes. The mechanics are generally simple and manageable yet the rate of difficulty and complexity will drastically increase as you progress.


As the title suggests, the goal of this app game is to assemble an entire set. Each box is composed of multiple pieces that you must assemble until you have formed the entire scene. To put more excitement, the game occasionally features gold packs that contain special pieces. With beautiful 3D simulation and a great number of levels to explore, Construction Set is definitely a game ideal for both kids and adults.

Download Construction Set: Android/ iOS


Educational App Games

Numberblocks World

From a hit and award-winning animated television series on CBeebies, Numberblocks is now accessible via mobile through Numberblocks World. The series itself is crafted with the help of the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and all of which are wonderfully captured and conveyed in this app game. Developed by Blue Zoo, Numberblocks World will bring all your favorite characters from the series and will help kids learn Mathematics in a very fun and entertaining way.


The game comes with multiple campaigns to explore. There is a story campaign that allows you to explore a series of levels and unlock special items and stickers. There is also a portion where kids can watch various clips from the animated series and also a portion where kids can write numbers and sing along with some catchy tunes from the series. It also features a sticker book and a coloring game to widen kids’ creativity. The game also offers mini-games where kids can play and learn more about numbers at the same time.

Download Numberblocks World: Android/ iOS